23 November 2010

We have a talker!

Well, technically Brynn's been "talking" for awhile, but yesterday she finally said her first word...

"Da Da"

I know, I know... I bet you're all shocked that her first word was "da da"... but how she says it is soooo adorable. She looked right at Bob while he was talking to Carter and said "da da da da da" =)

{I think it's no coincidence that she learned how to say "da da" just before Christmas. Now she's sure to get everything on her wish list. Daddy will buy it for her. Smart cookie.}

She also happened to say her second word yesterday too: "no no no no" {which actually sounded more like "na na na na"} and who do you think it was too? Yep... Carter. He attacks her with kisses and will NOT leave her alone. I'm not surprised that she was telling him no. Bob actually thought her first words would be "restraining order."

I tried to catch the cuteness on video, but all I really caught was the back of Carter's head while he was talking to her. I'll try again over the weekend.

Instead, let's flash back to the cuteness that is Carter saying his first words of "da da da"... {be sure to pause N'Sync down there!}

{Carter- 2 days shy of 7 months old}

In other news...

  • Today is my Friday. =)
  • I have an appointment for the kiddos tomorrow. Carter is getting his flu shot while Brynnie is having her 6 month well visit/shots done.
  • Did you catch that... Brynn is 6 months old. Tomorrow. What. The. Hell.
  • The Comcast Yule Log went up this weekend. Sigh. Who wouldn't want to listen to a crackling fire {in HD} set to beautiful classical Christmas music? I've actually been waiting for it for awhile, but it turns out they moved it. For all the Comcast users... it's now On Demand > Top Picks > Holiday & More > Yule Log HD 2010. Enjoy!
I'll be back tomorrow with Brynn's 6 month stats. Anyone want to take any bets on her weight? If you want a preview, I think it will go something like this.

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Steph said...

I always forget about the Yule Log...until you remind me!

Jenn said...

oh how exciting! I am really looking forward to Addie saying something.She's figured out how to yell, but no real babbling yet.

Momma Brown said...

yay brynn!

and that video of carter...omg too freaking cute.

and now i have the fever again.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kel- Ut oh mama ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute! But I don't think that really counts as "first words!!"

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