20 January 2009

Carter = Huge

But we already knew that. :) C had his 6 month appointment yesterday. He was so good... flirting with the nurses and doctor. He had his shots, but only cried for a minute and I picked him up right away after the nurse was finished and he calmed down. The doc said his reflux continues to act up (not a surprise) so she upped his Zantac. She also gave us a prescription for his eczema (he is his mother's son.) I'm waiting to fill that, as I tried every prescription under the sun for mine and the only thing that worked was 1 kind of Aveeno lotion (the blue label: Aveeno with Cooling Menthol.) I highly recommend it if you have dry, itchy skin- even if only for the winter. Anyway, I'll try that on Carter's dry patches (per the doctor) to see if it helps before going straight to the prescription.

Also, I asked about Carter's beautiful baby blue's. Bob and I both have brown eyes, but both of our mom's have the same color eyes as Carter. The doctor took a look at them and said that most baby's eyes change before 6 months. But a few change before 9 months and even fewer change after 9 months. She said that his blue eyes are "set" and are not going anywhere... they're definitely here to stay! :)

Now for monster man's stats:

Weight: 22 lbs 6 oz (100%)
Height: 28 1/2 in (100%)
Head: 46 cm (95%)

Yeah... he's bigger then 100% of babies his age. And I love every ounce and inch of him :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for blue eyed babies! That'll be an automatic with Chad and I, cause we both have blue eyes. But it's very cool that you two ended up with blue eyed Carter!

Mindy said...

Aww that stinks he has excema too! I have it and its not fun..I have tried everything (including several prescriptions), but not that type of Aveeno lotion. I will definitely have to try it!!!

Hopefully his eyes will stay blue!! My nieces just changed at 9 months.. :(

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks Kris :)

Mindy- I swear that stuff is a Godsend. I should work for Aveeno... I push that stuff off on everyone :)

My nephew's eyes just changed recently too, but they were always dark blue. I guess we'll see!!

danielle said...

Hey Jenni,
Cambelle and I both have eczema really bad. I use that same Aveeno lotion but Cambelle's is far worse. I've taking her to CHOP and every specialist but nothing seems to work. I actually use all the Aveeno stuff on her too, but I find that Eucerin is working wonders with her skin. Even after all the medicine I put on her, her skin still feels like a lizard. Since I have asthma and Cambelle's doesn't this is her allergy I guess. Good luck with the medicine and even though Carter = huge, there more to love! Happy 6 months!

Trinity said...

Wow, Carter. Big boy!

I'm glad those baby blues are sticking around. They're gorgeous. But you already knew that.

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