16 February 2009

Carter says...

Early Sunday morning, Carter was upstairs laying in bed with Bob and I. We were all about to fall back asleep when Carter started gibber jabbering away. He's really picked up on the art of conversation... so he'll say something and then wait for someone else to respond, then he'll say something else. Well we were playing that game at 5:30am yesterday {good times.} Except, when it was "my turn" to talk, I would just say "da da da." After about a minute of this, Carter started repeating what I was saying :) He has always repeated sounds {so if I say Kaiser, he'll just repeat the "k" sound} but yesterday he actually said the word!

When we finally got up for the day, I wanted to see if I could catch it on tape. My batteries were dying on the camera but I did catch him saying "dada" just before it shut off. My favorite part has to be either his "concentrating really hard" eyebrows, or the fact that he always, always, always stops talking when he sees the video camera. Hehe.

Please excuse my messy house... I finally cleaned it yesterday afternoon, lol.

Carter does know how to say "mama" but it's usually just when he's upset and it sounds more like this: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ma, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ;) We're so excited that he can say "dada" too. Frankly, he hasn't stopped saying it since!


Candace said...

So...cute! Love it :) My husband was looking at the computer with me the other night and immediately said that Carter looks just like his daddy!

Larissa: said...

How exciting! What a big boy :-) Too cute!

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