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Hi, I'm Jenni.

I’m a Philly sports loving, wine drinking, full-time working
wife & mama of three adorable kiddos: Carter, Brynn & Reid.

We happily welcomed our third baby on September 10, 2012.
{Can you believe our nerve being team green and making everyone else wait?  Pfft.}

I totally thought it would be a girl.
{My motherly instincts suck.}

I gave birth to Reid on the same exact day that my little sister gave birth to her baby girl.
In the same hospital.
They were born an hour apart.
It was pretty amazing.  {You can read about it here.}

Just 8 months later, we got the surprise of a lifetime...
we were about to welcome a 4th baby into the family!
Little IV is a sweet baby GIRL {no team green this time, thankyouverymuch}
and due in January.  What a great way to start the new year!

Oh, should I add now, that I make monster babies?  I do.  They're big.
{Like over 9 pounds, born two weeks early, kinda big.  Yep, monsters. Cute ones.}

So, who's that guy?  Well, that's Bob.
We were married on 11.11.06, our 5 year dating anniversary {awww.}

The two of us work at the same university in Philadelphia and commute together everyday.
{Why yes, it IS the only time we're alone together all day. Thanks for asking.}

As for me, I’m a middle child of three girls and love it.
{This also explains a lot about me.}

This blog is about me. My life. Me as a mother of one and then two and now three {OMG} and soon to be four {yes, we're crazy.} Adjusting to life with kids. Adjusting to being a full-time working mama. Pregnancy. Losing weight. {And pregnancy.  And losing weight again. Andplusalso? Pregnancy.}

Always taking the humorous approach to motherhood.
{Is there any other way?}

This blog was started as a means of documenting my first pregnancy.
Now? Now with 3.5 kids I use it to remember what the hell I did yesterday.
{I’m serious, I have no idea.}

Oh, hey... here are a few popular posts to get you started.

Thanks for visiting. 


Jenna. said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! Such a great perspective and easy to relate to your honesty. Love it!!

Jessica Orlowicz said...

I'm so happy to find a blog of another (soon to be) mom of four. We're a rare breed in some circles! Congratulations on your news!

Kay said...

You are humorous. I love it! Your profile was short sweet and exciting to read. As it should be. Glad to drop in. Beautiful family.

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