04 October 2013

23 Weeks!

I have been totally struggling these past few weeks.  Work has been out of control and I feel like I don't get to sit down until after 9pm most nights because of soccer games/practices, getting stuff ready for school the next day, etc.  Sigh.  I'm not complaining, I do love staying busy, but OMG... I'm so tired!

Anyway, I'm squeezing in a few minutes for a pregnancy update. Sorry that's all the blogs been about lately, but I doubt you want to hear about the fact that I can't read school lunch menus correctly or that my kid walked around school with calmine lotion on his forehead {they were mosquito bites, people!} And on picture day, nonetheless.  {Or maybe you do, who knows. Can't wait to see those pictures by the way.} But an IV update is all I have time for today so...

{Cardi: Target | Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Pea in the Pod}

23 weeks?  How can that be?  This pregnancy has been flying by and although the end usually drags, I don't really think that will be the case this time.  With the holidays coming up, I'm hoping that January is here before we know it!  

I'm trying my hardest to enjoy this pregnancy.  And I really DO enjoy being pregnant, in general.  I do. But this one is the hardest, by far.  It obviously has a lot to do with my 3 outside babies running me ragged. But it also has a lot to do with the fact that I got pregnant again when Reid was only 8 months old.  That leads to complications such as the short cervix I mentioned before, but also more intense contractions that occur more frequently and earlier in the pregnancy.  What fun!  And boy have I been feeling them!  

So while I really am trying to take this whole "last pregnancy in my entire life" thing in and relax/enjoy it, I also can not wait to be done {in January.}  Imma just be honest. ;)

Pregnancy: 23 weeks  

Weight Gain: 14 pounds {I doubled my weight gain in the last 4 week... oops.}

Sleep: I'm. So. Tired.
Gender: It's a GIRL!  {Check out the reveal post.}

Names: Emerson Mae {Check out my original name post here and the reveal post here.}

Feeling: Pretty good.  A little stressed out because work is CRAY CRAY.  But pretty good, overall. Especially when the contractions finally stop.

Health:  Keeping an eye on the cervical length with follow-up ultrasounds, but my OB isn't overly concerned given that my uterus/cervix has already handled three full-term monster babies. And my BP was pretty good today, so I'm happy about that!

Movement: Sister does not stop moving.  She's been making her way up a little higher too... I think she had a little growth spurt! {Yep, I'm blaming my 7lb in 4 week weight gain on HER.}

Belly: Surprisingly, I only measured 2 weeks ahead today. ;)  I'm sure we'll be headed back to 5-6 weeks ahead really soon though, ha! 
For reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics with Reid and my first 20 weeks with Emmie Mae. 

Next Appointment: OB Appointment & Glucose Test {again}: Friday, November 1st at 27w1d.  Next ultrasound: Friday, November 8th at 28w1d.


sarah said...

I blame my little one on my 10 pound weight gain in 4 weeks too ;). 14 pounds at 23 weeks sounds like a great number to me...you look wonderful :).

Unknown said...

I really really love her name! and you look so amazing!!

Tara said...

Everytime I see your blog in my bloglovin, I think of the card your sister sent you...I honestly can't wait to send that to my sister, or friend!

Congratulations! Whore. just awesome. :) makes me laugh.. every time!

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