17 September 2013

WW: Bumpdate {Weeks 6-20}

I started this tradition with Reid and just kept it going with this baby as well {I almost feel like I've been pregnant this entire time anyway, so why not?}  Like many of you already know, my belly pops out right away.  That'll happen when you get pregnant with your 4th baby just 8 months after popping out your 3rd.


So, here's my bumpdate.  The first 20 weeks.


I  love how you can tell the exact week I broke my phone {between 14 & 15} and had to borrow my sister's old iPhone 4 until the new 5s comes out.  My pictures with the 4 look very.... green? Overexposed?  Something.  Can't wait for my new phone, that's for sure! Also... gotta love my lazy girl curls... I haven't straightened my hair myself since... I can't even remember {week 17 was courtesy of my hair dresser.}  I gave up.

And, oh yeah, the bump.  It's big. :)  For comparison, here's my first 20 weeks with Reid. I think I look slightly bigger this time, what do you think?
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Unknown said...

I love watching baby bumps grow. That baby's going to be bigger than you are by week 40!

Nikki @ WishUponAShootingStar said...

I love love love the bump pictures!!!!! And the fact that it's a girl!

April said...

Love the weekly comparisons! Super cute belly!

Anonymous said...

Just curious has your doctor ever said why you look instantly pregnant?

The Mrs./The Mom said...

How on earth are you 20 weeks already?! Seriously, that was fast. I feel like you were just posting about Hawaii!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! But I swear you look bigger in week 8 than any other week! Must be the shirt.

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