16 September 2013

Over Halfway There {and ultrasound update!}

I'm not quite sure what my problem is this pregnancy {oh wait, I work full time and have 3 kids... that's right ;} but I have been totally slacking on my pregnancy updates.  I haven't done one since I was 16 weeks.  Oops.  So let me catch you up... I hit 20 weeks last Thursday.  Yep, {over} halfway there now.  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

Here's my latest belly shot:

A lot has happened since my last update.  We went on a wonderful family vacation.  Carter started kindergarten.  Brynn started preschool {with her amazing GG}. Reid turned ONE.  And, oh yeah... 


I wanted to briefly discuss our anatomy scan with you.  We had a level II at MFM due to my pre-e with Carter and Brynn and my high risk status with Reid {remember that "little" cervical mass issue I had? Good times.} Overall, things went really well.  Baby girl looked PERFECT.  Everything was exactly where it was suppose to be.  Ten tiny fingers. Ten tiny toes.  Here's a cute little profile shot of her...

...and one of her sucking her thumb!

Ha!  So cute!

What they did find was an isolated echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) on her heart.  This is something that we also dealt with with Brynn and Reid, as well, so we were not overly concerned that she had an EIF on her heart. I actually expected it.  I had level II anatomy scans with Brynn & Reid as well {but not Carter} and the doctor even said that sometimes the EIF just runs in the family. Had I had a level II with Carter, we might have even seen it on him as well. Also, considering that MFM has one of the most advanced level II ultrasound machines available, EIFs are a fairly common occurrence {because the images are so clear.}  So yeah, just the EIF.  No other markers and everything else looked absolutely perfect, so we're just focusing on that.

And, did I mention IT'S A GIRL?? {Oh, I did?} When we decided to do the reveal, I knew I wanted the tech to include the "money shot" in the envelope with the gender announcement card because I just wanted proof.  And here it is.  The tell-tale "three little lines" indicating girl...

It's a pretty clear shot, but I will have them check again at my next ultrasound at MFM.  Ha! 

Okay, so while everything looked wonderful with baby girl, they did find something "wrong" with me.  {Of course!}  My cervix was measuring short.  The doctor said that this can happen if (1) you have a history of pre-term labor {I don't} (2) you get pregnant within a year of delivering a child {oops} and/or (3) you have big babies {I'm sorry... have they MET my monster babies?}  So yeah, I met 2 of the 3 conditions for having a short cervix {although I'm sure there are more reasons, those were just the 3 they mentioned to me!}

Anyway, "the average cervix" {what does that even MEAN?} is between 4-5cm. The MFM doc mentioned that they start to worry about any measurment under a 3 and they really start to worry with anything less than a 2.5.

I measured a 2.7.

I had to go back a week after my anatomy scan {so, 19 weeks} to have everything remeasured.  It was a bit scary when they started talking about bedrest, weekly monitoring {which I've done before} and progesterone shots. Thankfully, when I went back a week later, I measured a 3.1.  Whew!  And while that still makes me slightly nervous, my OB called me and said that she thinks the original measurement might have been wrong.  She also said that she's not too worried about me, considering I've had 3 full-term pregnancies thus far.  I really trust her judgement/opinion so I'll try my best not to worry about it anymore either.

My next ultrasound is at 28 weeks to check both the baby and my cervical length, so we'll reevaluate then.

Anyone else have experience with this? Care to share?

Pregnancy: 20 weeks  

Weight Gain: 7 pounds

Sleep: I find myself waking up randomly and then not being able to fall back asleep.  Let's not hope the pregnancy insomnia is starting already.  I don't think I can handle it for another 20 weeks.
Gender: It's a GIRL!  Check out the reveal post!

Names: I think we have a winner!  In the meantime, check out my name post here.

Feeling: Pretty good.  A little stressed out because work is CRAY CRAY.  But pretty good, overall.

Health:  Hoping the cervial length doesn't become an issue this pregnancy.  Also, my BP has been high at all of my appts, but it was super low at my last one.  It was really strange.

Movement: Moving around like crazy!

Belly: I'm feeling really big lately!  I plan to post my latest "halfway point" side-by-side collage soon, but, for reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics of my entire pregnancy with Reid. 

Next Appointment: OB Appointment: Friday, October 4th at 23w1d.  Next ultrasound: Friday, November 8th at 28w1d.


Jazmyn said...

Congrats on your little girl! I know what you mean about pregnancy flying though lol.


sarah said...

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from pregnancy insomnia for weeks now. I've been waking around 5:30-6:00 and can't fall back asleep! My two year old doesn't wake until 8-8:30am so it pisses me off that I'm not able to sleep in!! Grrrr. Lol.
You are looking fabulous for 20 weeks! Lucky to have only gained 7 pounds so far...I've gained 19! Whoops. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Had the shortened cervix with my first. Not to bum you out,but bed rest is best way to prevent pre-term labor. My was 2.5 and got increasingly shorter:(. Glad yours is now at 3.1. Even with my bed rest (literally only being able to stand for 1/2 hour all day) I had gave birth at 34 weeks. Take it as easy as you can and rest as much as possible with three kiddos;).

Unknown said...

I still can't get over you being so far along already! It's like your blog is groundhogs day...I feel like we were just reading these updates about Reid! ~Jenn


Sara said...

I don't even know if I should be commenting on this seeing as you kind of know me and my history. Jacob was born at 24 weeks because I went from 3cm to 2.5cm to 1.8mm (?!?!?!) and after a few days of hospital bedrest measured 3cm AGAIN on u/s only to have him 3 days later. Things went downhill QUICKLY. My best advice to you is to take all of the advice the doctors give you seriously and then times that by 100. If they say bedrest, GO ON BEDREST! Most likely, at this point in your pregnancy, they would NOT do a rescue cerclage for fear of rupturing your bag of water so you will need to take bedrest seriously if/when the time comes. I seriously hope you don't have to deal with this though. Luckily, when I dealt with this it was with my first so I didn't have 3 kids at home to worry about. I'm on #4 now as well, also a little girl! Best of luck to you!

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