10 September 2013

WW: One.

I know I seem to say this no matter what birthday we're celebrating {and I think most moms are guilty of this too!} but I can not believe that my sweet baby boy is one today.


Can you believe it!?!  I feel like he was just born.  That I was just announcing our wonderful news that I delivered a healthy baby BOY! That I just shared this wonderful experience with my very own sister as she delivered my niece on the same exact day!  How in the world is it possible that the birthday twins are ONE today!?!

For this post, I really just wanted to share pictures and link you back to a few of my favorite posts:
Not sure how my sweet boy went from this: {just minutes old}

To this: {1 week old}

To this: {2 months old}

To this: {6 months old}

To this: {from his first birthday party on Saturday}

... all in the blink of an eye.

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet boy.  A boy with the most contagious smile. A boy that has made one of the most difficult years of our lives so much brighter.  A boy that has the best personality in the entire world.  A boy that we love more than life itself. Our Reid Joseph.  Happy birthday, buddy!

And I'm also wishing a very happy birthday to my Auggleberry!  {Aubrey Jean}

You are so adorable and Aunt Jenni loves you so much, my sweet girl! But no one loves you more than your "little" Monster Man... you two will always be the best of friends! Happy birthday, Pumpkin!
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allison said...

They are adorable and I love their Thing 1/Thing 2 shirts!

Every month that passes I say "I can't believe Eloise is 8 months old already!" I started planning her 1st birthday at 7 months but at the same moment I'm not ready for her to be 1 yet!

allison said...
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Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!
My baby boy celebrated his 4th birthday last weekend and I'm still scratching my head over where this big tall man child came from and where my little baby went, ha!

Jenny said...

So adorable :D

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

And just like that he's 1! I swear the more kids I have the faster time goes!!! Ryker will be three months already tomorrow. Gah I just sometimes can't catch my breath, these kids grow much too quickly.

Unknown said...

Reid (and Aubrey!) are the cutest! That was a fast year. The years are TOO fast with kids. Happy 1st birthday Reid!! ~Jenn


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