05 August 2013

14 weeks!

A little late with this post, but whatever... =)
{Shirt: Motherhood | Pants: Joe's}

Not too much to report this week.  I've been trying to come up with an outfit combo for the gender reveal photo session that's pretty neutral (i.e. not too girl friendly or too boy friendly... don't want to offend the baby!) which is a lot harder than I thought it would be!  But I think I've come up with something cute, so hopefully my vision looks halfway decent in the pictures.  We'll see.

I'm starting to get excited about finding out... just a few more weeks!  A lot of people are asking if we have a preference, and the answer is... not really. I mean, part of me really wants a sister for Brynn, which is only natural given my close relationship with my owns sisters.  I'd LOVE for Brynn to experience that. And to have 2 boys and 2 girls??  The. Best.

On the other hand, I'd love another boy.  I just look at Carter and at Reid and my heart fills with so much love and joy.  How could I NOT want more of that??  And I know that's what Reid would want if he could talk, lol!  He already has his cousin Aubrey, his little birthday twin, so I think he'd really want a brother closer in age to him too (Carter is 4 years older than him and his cousin Ben is 5.)  With this baby being just 16 months younger than Reid, it would be great that they'd be so close and could share a room, etc.  How perfect!

Either way, I am so eager to find out because I know for sure that this is my last baby. {What? It is.} I just want to know who is going to be completing our family.  I'm so ready to start this life as a family of six {OMG} and move in to the next phase of our lives.  Not a life of pregnancy after pregnancy {after pregnancy after pregnancy} but a life of soccer games, and school plays, and recitals, and family vacations, and report cards, and tee ball, and homework and family dinner conversations.  I just can't wait. And while I certainly do not want to rush these early years by any means, I'm just ready to feel complete.

And no longer pregnant. ;)

Pregnancy: 14 weeks  

Weight Gain: 1 pound {I'm sure that will change this week though.}

Sleep: Getting kind of uncomfortable already.  I think I need a new pregnancy pillow... any recs?
Gender: We find out August 30th at 18w1d! 

Names: No clue. Check out my name post here.

Feeling: Really sick.  I have a stupid summer cold, and I can't really take anything for it.  Just kinda toughing it out over here...  I've only gone through 2 full boxes of tissues.  NBD.

Health:  I'm going to ask for a prescription for reflux meds.  Nothing seems to be working.

Movement: Moving around like crazy!

Belly: I feel like it's growing slowly now... which isn't such a bad thing ;)

 Also, for reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics of my entire pregnancy with Reid. 

Next Appointment: OB Appointment: My birthday!... This Friday, August 9th at 15w1d.  Next ultrasound: Friday, August 30th at 18w1d {my anatomy scan!!!}


Anonymous said...

I say it's a girl. Your side-by-side pics for Reid, you have a blue cell phone cover (and switched to green strips?). This time around I spy a little pink on the cell phone case. Just a hunch - HA! Can't wait to hear if I am right!

Unknown said...

Is it killing you that I will know before you even know? :)

Amy B said...

I'm one of four, two girls and two boys and I am closest in age to my sister. That said, I get along much better with my brothers :D

Being part of a family of six can be trying but honestly? I LOVE being part of a bigger family, I always have a sibling to talk to <3 I couldn't imagine being an only child!

Unknown said...

As the mama of twin girls and twin boys, I'm voting GIRL! Just so Brynn can have a little sister. I love having 2 of each, but no matter what...it will be perfect. Can't wait to find out! ~Jenn


bekki said...

I loved my snoogle pillow...got it from amazon

Mama said...

Another blogger I follow has a bump nest pillow. She swears by it. She even took it with her when she had to stay at a hotel overnight!

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