09 August 2013

15 weeks... and oh hey, it's my birthday.

{Shirt: Old Navy | Jean Shorts: Target}

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I'd be pregnant 2 birthdays in a row.  Yet, here I am.  15 weeks pregnant with baby #4. Everything happens for a reason, right? :)

My birthday has been great so far... I woke up to the kids throwing presents in my face. {No, really. Ha!}  They got me a pregnancy massage and Pitch Perfect on BluRay. {They know me so well.}  Then Carter said "Mommy, I have one more present for you, are you ready to open it??"  I said "Of course!" and he ran up and gave me the biggest hug. 

Best. Gift. Ever. 

I then got ready and ran to my OB appointment and afterwards, went and had lunch with my mom at her house. I'm now relaxing and hanging out with the kids and later, Bob is taking me to my favorite restaurant for dinner tonight.  YAY!

So, about that appointment I had today {such a fun birthday present, right?} Everything looked good, for the most part. My BP was kinda high.  It's actually been kinda high for my last 3 appts.  Nothing terrible though... I'm usually 120/75-80 when I'm not pregnant, and the last few appts I've been 140/84. Like I said... still fine. But I'm only 15w pregnant and I really hope it doesn't get worse.  I had pre-e with both Carter and Brynn but was fine with Reid. My BP was always perfect with him, so...  we'll see.

Pregnancy: 15 weeks  

Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Sleep: Considering that Reid was up 3 times last night?  I'm tired.  Very tired.
Gender: We find out August 30th at 18w1d. 3 weeks from today!

Names: No clue. Check out my name post here.

Feeling: Okay... finally getting over that stupid cold I had earlier this week.  Whew!

Health:  Just hoping my BP doesn't turn into an issue this pregnancy.

Movement: Moving around like crazy!

Belly: Slowing down a bit, but still larger than average, I'd say ;)
Also, for reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics of my entire pregnancy with Reid. 

Next Appointment: OB Appointment: Thursday, September 5th at 19w0d {Um, that would be the day after Carter's very first day of kindergarten and 2 days before Reid's 1st birthday party.... If I could drink? I would. A lot.}  Next ultrasound: Friday, August 30th at 18w1d {my anatomy scan!!!}


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I am crossing my fingers that you don't get pre-e again. I had it and I cannot imagine having it for 2 and possibly 3 pregnancies! Good luck!

McFisch said...

Happy Birthday! Here is a funny article I read today about naming babies: http://www.gq.com/entertainment/humor/201307/nine-baby-naming-rules-2013
Maybe it will help you choose the perfect name for your little one :)

Lily said...

Happy birthday! You are glowing! Your baby belly is so cute and I am anxiously waiting for your gender reveal! :) hope you enjoyed your dinner and got some sleep last night! :)

sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Just saw Pitch Perfect recently...Loved it!!

Shana said...

I can't wait to find out what you are having. Hope they can keep your blood pressure down. I had pre-e and HELLP syndrome with my first baby - not fun!

Colleen said...

Maybe look into taking one baby aspirin per day...it's been shown to help prevent pre-e. it's worth asking your doc about! hope it helps :)

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