29 May 2012

24 Weeks {and yay for V-Day!}

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Whew.  What a milestone this week.  This is a milestone I've been waiting to get too since finding out I was pregnant back in January.  


My baby now has almost a 50% chance of surviving outside the womb if he/she were be born after this point.  Of course, this baby MUST stay in there another 14-15 weeks {at least} but still... to know that he/she has a chance if anything were to happen, is certainly a little comforting.

So I had two appointments on Friday.  My standard monthly OB appt and then my ultrasound at MFM.  Let's discuss the appt first, shall we?

It was great.  I did gain 5 lbs this month, bringing my total weight gain up to 15 lbs.  Not bad, but still makes me a little nervous.  I only gained 22 lbs total with Brynn, so I'm getting close to that number already.  However, I did start out at a higher weight with her, so it's only natural that I gain more this time.  I'll be happy if I stay around 25-30 like I did with Carter.  If not? Oh well. It's not like I'm going crazy on eating binges, so I'll just gain what I'm going to gain.

As far as my BP? Perfect.  Whew... so glad!  HB was in the 150's {as always} and I talked to my doc about the breech baby thing {like when should I worry, etc.}  And she told me not to give it a second thought.  She said that I have until 36 weeks before we even discuss it, but with this being my 3rd baby {after having two successful vaginal deliveries} she's not worried about this baby being breech at all.  I guess it's less common after your 2+ baby.  Woo hoo!

Andplusalso?  I'm measuring almost 2 weeks ahead already.  Typical and expected.  Well on my way to 6 weeks ahead again, I'm sure of it ;)

So after my OB appt, we headed over to MFM for my monthly ultrasound {to monitor the BP/flow to the baby due to previous pre-e as well as his/her size}.  I'll tell ya one thing... had this been my pregnancy with Carter or Brynn I would welcome all these ultrasounds with open arms.  But because we're on team green this time, I really don't want to have them.  It's not that I'm tempted to find out {like, at all... I don't want to know} it's that I don't want anyone to slip.  Our first tech did an awesome job and didn't use a single pronoun, she simply said "the baby" the entire ultrasound.  

This time? Not so much.

The tech knew we didn't want to know {it's clearly written on my chart} and she clarified again before beginning the ultrasound.  What I forgot to ask this time was what she planned on calling the baby.  Oops.  

When she first started, she referred to the baby as "she."  Just once.  Bob didn't even hear her say it and I wish I didn't either.  As she continued, she said "baby" or "the baby" which was great and I just looked past it.  After she got down to the leg measurements she had us look away again.  When she was done, she started taking a few pictures and turned on the 3D/4D machine for us. As I was "oooing" and "ahhhing" she referred to the baby as "he."  I forget her exact sentence, but she was referring to the baby as being "so cute."

So yeah.  The tech said "she" when we first started and "he" later on {after having us look away from  the screen to do leg measurements.}  I'm trying my hardest just to shake it off.  We still have no idea what we're having.  But the use of pronoun's just plays with my head a bit and I hate that.  And in a month? We get to do it all over again.  Woo hoo!

The good news is that the baby looks PERFECT!  BP and flow is awesome, the EIF on his/her heart is starting to fade a bit, fluid levels were great, HB was in the 140's-150's, he/she kept sticking out its little tongue and putting their hands in front of its little face.  So cute!  The baby also weighs almost 2lbs, so he/she is starting to measure a little ahead {again, expected.}  Oh, and the baby was no longer breech... WOOT!!

Here's a pic of my little pumpkin face...
Looks like a little chunker already... I love it! And OMG as soon as I saw this picture, all I could think of was how much this baby looks identical to Brynn.
EEEKKK!  So adorable.  And I'm still getting the "boy" feeling at every ultrasound.  I just think the baby looks like a boy {despite his/her resemblance to Brynnie Girl!} About 15 more weeks until we know for sure!

Pregnancy: 24 weeks {yay yay yay!}

Weight Gain: 15 pounds

Sleep: I fell asleep on the couch last night at 7pm.  Brynn woke me up because I was laying on the couch next to her and I was probably snoring in her ear.

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: Reid Joseph or Emerson Mae {see the name post here!}

Feeling: Pretty good.  Nearing the end of the second trimester with June beginning in just a few days.  I know the worst {and best} is yet to come.

Health:  Awesome. 

Movement: Everyone felt some really good kicks this past weekend... this baby is getting really strong!  I see {and of course, feel} lots of movement now and I love it.

Belly: Measuring about 2 weeks ahead right now, still no linea negra and my belly button has been out for awhile now.  

For comparison, here's my 24 week belly with Brynn! 

Next Appointment: OB, Glucose Tolerance Test {again} & Ultrasound: Friday, June 22nd at 27w5d


Olivia's Mommy said...

Jenni, I thought that ultrasound profile pic was Brynns, I had to reread it. Then I saw what you wrote...this baby looks a lot like Brynn!

That whole pronoun thing would have made me crazy too!

I love how your team green, so what's your plan for the nursery? You always have these great ideas...are you going to just do it after the baby's born? or go gender neutral?

Anonymous said...

I love your name choices!

Heather said...

Woohoo for no more Breach! Glad all went well... :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, we did team green for our 2nd... The tech did the whole "she/her" thing several times & I felt the same way as you....turns out we had a boy in there :) have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Brynn's twin! Although I agree with your gut feeling. That is such s boy belly!!! Soon you'll know for sure

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