10 February 2010

24 Weeks = Viability

Whew... am I relieved to see you, week 24. Viability. It's a milestone that every pregnant woman yearns to reach.

What is viability, you may ask? It's the moment in your pregnancy when your baby actually has a fighting chance to survive {with medical intervention} outside of the womb if he/she were to be born early.

The chances of a baby surviving are 50/50 at 24 weeks, but every day/week of pregnancy that passes only increases a baby's chance of surviving a premature birth. I've heard of babies that have survived at 24-week birth and babies who haven't {warning, very sad.} It's just something that I can not imagine going through... watching my baby fight to survive. It's why I walk for the March of Dimes and I am thankful for every day that I am pregnant past this point.

I don't think my normal pregnancy post is necessary for this one. I'm just thankful to be here.

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mrs.messi said...

Congrats on your V-day :)

no said...


Sarah said...

You look adorable! Yay for viability!

Alanna said...

Happy V-Day! It's such a good feeling!

Sara said...

Hooray! I think that link was the motivation I needed to update my blog so people WANT to read it. I am such a slacker and I could really use a pic of my amazing little ones on there. Thanks for the push Jenni! I might be e-mailing you for some tips seeing as you are such a super blogger!

Jen said...

Awe, you look so tiny, compared to me during my pregnancy. Congratulations. I'm following you from Friday Follow. Would you please visit me athttp://bzzagentreviews.blogspot.com/

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