21 May 2012

23 weeks

{Dress: Old Navy}

A quick belly shot before Brynnie's birthday party on Saturday... and what a beautiful day it was!  More on that later though ;)

My "What to Expect" app is telling me that this baby is about 1.5 pounds and 8.5 inches from head to heinie and I can totally feel every inch of him/her.  This week, the rubbing of limbs across the front of the belleh has begun.  Pretty soon? I think I'll be able to identify each limb as it sticks out and turns my belly into all kinds of lopsided lovliness.  But for now, I'll just continue to enjoy all this moving around before it really becomes uncomfortable. =)

Annnnnnd I'm back.  Yep, I'm back to completely not caring what we're having again {Remember? I went though that little rough patch after my sister found out she was having a girl? Yeah, that.}  But I'm totally cool now.  I knew team green would prevail.  I knew I wouldn't cave.  {Ever.}  And it's just in time for my upcoming ultrasound on Friday.  Whew!  

I can't wait to see my little pumpkin again!  I plan to annoy every tech and doctor that comes into my room and quickly remind them that we don't want to know what we're having.  {Because I'd much rather be "that annoying girl in room 7" than have someone slip, accidentally.}  I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that this baby is no longer breech, though I totally feel like he/she is because of the strong kicks I feel down by my tailbone. {They're lovely.}  I know there's still time to flip, but I'd rather that happen sooner rather than later {especially considering that my monster babies tend to run out of room a little faster. ;}

Pregnancy: 23 weeks

Weight Gain: 10 pounds

Sleep: It's okay.  I feel tired a lot {especially after this weekend} but I've been waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble falling back asleep.  {And? It's not even to pee.  I have a bladder of steal and have no problem making it through the night without going.}  I guess it's just practice. ;)

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: Reid Joseph or Emerson Mae {see the name post here!}

Feeling: I've had a sore throat for like a week now and my allergies have been some kind of AWFUL. 

Health:  I have my monthly OB appt on Friday before my ultrasound and I'm hoping my BP is still in check.  I certainly don't want it creeping up this early!

Movement: See above :)

Belly: Getting bigger {of course!} Still no linea negra and my belly button has been out for awhile now.  Here's my "standard" belly shot for 23 weeks!

And for comparison, here's my 23 week belly with Brynn! 

Next Appointment: OB & Ultrasound: This Friday, May 25th at 23w5d.


The Vronko Family! said...

We were Team Green for our second baby and it is totally worth it! During our ultrasound, I was just so excited to see our healthy baby and watch it move around. When she was born, my husband was the one to say "It's a girl!" - definitely an amazing moment. You look great!

Tracy said...

Jenni you look so gorgeous! I can't wait to see the photos from Brynn's party, you always do such an awesome job! I hope when Harlow turns one that I can have a party half as cute as the ones you throw.

Shazzie said...

Awesome pic! I actually got the same dress with blue stripes this weekend and it's super comfy!

I hope you have a great u/s! :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Totally just bought this dress in navy online yesterday! (in a size small..so now I'm curious what size you have and if a small will fit me)--but I'm glad to see it's cute! haha. I looove it. So fun. And I'm getting to the point where I hate tight clothes so I want DRESSES GALORE!

Laura said...

I love that dress, and you look completely adorable in it.

Katie said...

Yes, don't forget to remind every person, every time. I had a friend who was Team Green until the ultrasound tech spilled the beans at 38 weeks. Such a bummer!

Anonymous said...

Just looking so so so good!

Heather said...

Happy 23 weeks :)

Love your dress! You always have such cute maternity clothes!

Mommie Couture said...


Unknown said...

Adorable bump! And not finding out the gender is SO hard at ultrasounds but the reward in the delivery room is SO amazing! Go team green!

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