30 April 2012

Half Baked!

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Holy crap.  20 weeks?  You can NOT be serious.  I know I say this every week, but really?  How is it even possible that I'm half way done already? Insane.

Okay, you guys.  I'm going to be honest {aren't I always?} I'm struggling a bit.  Team green is getting harder for me now.  I thought it would get easier.  It's not.  And I think the very reason why I thought it would be easier? Is blowing up in my face.

So, as I announced last week, my little sister, Kacy, is pregnant.  And I can NOT be more excited about this news {seriously, it's not even possible for me to be any more excited than I am right now!!}  Well Kacy and I had our anatomy scans the very same week {did I mention we're due 4 days apart?  Oh, I did?  Okay.}  Mine was on Monday, the 16th and her's was on Friday, the 20th {which also happened to be her 30th birthday.  Can that BE any cuter?? I think not.}

Anyway, the entire 2 months leading up to our ultrasounds, I didn't even really think much about mine.  Sure I was excited and nervous, but I knew I wasn't going to be finding out what we were having, so I kinda focused my attention on her.  I couldn't wait to find out what SHE was having.  And I thought that would help "get me by," so to speak, because we were choosing not to find out.


Did you hear that?  Because that's my whole "get me by" strategy blowing up in my face.  

Ever since Kacy found out she was having a baby GIRL {!!!!} I immediately wanted to know what I was having. I've also been helping her register {did you see this pic on Instagram on Friday?...

...that's my girl.  Clueless.} and buying baby girl things and looking for bedding, and helping her plan her nursery.  Sigh.  I knew I'd be doing all of these exciting things with her and these are the very things that I thought would help "get me by."  Nope.  They're not. They're making me want to know what I'm having even more.  And what section of BRU I'll be buying clothes in this time. And they're making me wonder if we will have two little girls growing up together, playing on the same soccer team, going to the same school and being in the same grade. Best Friends Forever.  Or will it be a little boy and little girl growing up together? Going to the same school and being in the same grade.

The suspense is killing me.  Or at least breaking me down a bit.  And it's getting harder to be strong.

I'm just trying to focus on all the reasons I wanted to be team green in the first place.  It doesn't matter if I'm having a little boy or a little girl, both will be equally as wonderful.  And there's plenty of time to go shopping for clothes and gear after the baby comes.  Right?  RIGHT??

So, right now I'm thankful that (1) my anatomy scan was before Kacy's and (2) that my next ultrasound isn't for another 3.5 weeks. Because if that were not the case?  I have a feeling I'd be a team green drop out.

Stay strong, Jenn.  Stay strong.

Pregnancy: 20 weeks

Weight Gain: 10 pounds {I gained 6lbs in a month. Oops.}

Sleep: Still so so sleepy all the time. I think that's a combo of the pregnancy and having 2 toddlers.  Mama's tired.

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: Reid Joseph or Emerson Mae {see the name post here!}

Feeling: I'm feeling really good this week.  My belly is still a little uncomfortable, but nothing I didn't fully expect.  And it's nothing to complain about right now, that's for sure.

Health: I had an appt on Friday and everything was great!  Baby's HB was in the 150's, my BP was perfect, my doc went over the anatomy scan results with me and said not to worry for a second about the EIF on this baby's heart.  Everything else looked perfect.  She also said that MFM didn't even write down the baby's sex on my chart so there's no chance for anyone to slip!

The doc at MFM wants to see me every 6 weeks for ultrasounds and I asked my doc if she thought that was necessary and she said yes.  So I guess I'll keep those scheduled.  They just want to continuously monitor the blood pressure & flow to the baby and also keep track of their weight. :)

Movement: Baby is getting SO STRONG.  His/her little kicks are actually making me jump in my seat now.  They're still pretty low, but I'm sure they'll move up before I know it.

Belly: My belly button has been out for awhile now and both Carter and Brynn love to play with it :)  They also pull my shirt up and talk to the baby every night.  Oh, and everyone in my house has a baby in their belly.  Not just mommy.  FYI.  ;)

For comparison, here's my 20w {bare} belleh with Brynnie girl!

Next Appointment: OB & Ultrasound: Friday, May 25th at 23w5d.


Mary said...

I'm not going to be any help - I would NEVER be able to not find out :) So tell me your reasons again!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

I'm no help either, we find out tomorrow! Eeeee!

Megan said...

Stay strong - it's so fun. It's something different about this baby from past pregnancies which is a neat thing too.

You think you're dying to know now? Wait until you're 35 weeks :) BUT, remember how excited you were to find out with your sister? THAT"s how everyone feels about your baby - - and they have to wait longer.

Plus - hearing your husband tell you the sex just as you get your hands on that little peanut who has been kicking you? Priceless.

Mommie Couture said...

Stay strong! I can't imagine how incredible it will be when the first time you see your beautiful baby's face you will find out if the little bean in your tummy you've fallen in love with is a BOY or a GIRL. It's just unbelievably exciting!!!

kacy said...

find out! find out! find out!

i'm evil...bwwhahahaha!!! i have a RIGHT to know...this is craziness!

Carla said...

Stay strong, you can do it! I could never do it though lol! Sounds like you're doing great!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

You can do it! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong! If we every have a 3rd, we plan on team green also. And just throwing it out there.... I think you are on team blue ;)

MySleep-DeprivedLife said...

i cant help but think of how special this will be for baby #3. you're other two were your first boy and your first girl. how special to be able to tell this sweet baby that they were your first surprise!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be a debbie downer, but I'm due in May, am on "Team Green" and it's actually been kind of annoying for me. I feel like I am not as connected or excited for this one like my first and although I'd like to have a VBAC, it's not looking likely so I'm scared again of having a c-section and being totally out of it and spliced open in the OR for the "it's a _____" moment. I mean, I know it will be fine, but if I had to do it over again, I may have found out. I'm sorry -- I hate leaving negative comments but I do feel for you.

Jeni said...

You're stronger than me, even if I went for round 3 (nope) I just don't think I could not know. Kudos to you for sticking with it!

sarah said...

please find out already!!!! LOL! <~~worst comment ever, sorry about that.
i always think...what's the difference finding out know vs later?! it's still going to be a surprise and an amazing moment when the tech say's, "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". i'm sure you know all of this already...it's just that the suspense is killing me!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Stay STRONG! I have three babies, and we were team green for the first two (both boys). The my husband talked me into finding out for the third (a girl). Yes it is a surprise either in the ultrasound room or the delivery room, but there is nothing like hearing the doc call it out! I had to have all mine c-section. I completely regret finding out the third. I felt like the delivery was so anticlimactic. (well kinda- clearly it was still great, but nothing can match that moment of saying its a _____). Hold out if you can, I really think it will be SOOOOOOO worth it. You can do it!!!!!!

reenie :) said...

I'm with kacy! Find out find out! this suspense is killing me!
Ok well I guess you should do what is best for you...blah blah blah but I wanna know if my baby girl will have a best friend or a boyfriend!

Synchrosally said...

You can do it. We were team green all the way and it was so much fun to find out I had a beautiful baby boy when he finally arrived. I loved it and you will too!!! (Though the next one I'm finding out because I want to have both experiences, that and I want to know if I need a whole new wardrobe).

Aaron and Jen said...

Don't do it Jenni! You're the one who keeps me strong!! It's getting harder and harder with wanting to plan a nursery without knowing what we're having, but think of how fun it'll be to have your darling husband tell you the moment you give birth! I can't wait to find out in September.

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

Ohh your a stronger woman than I am. I just don't think I could wait that long. On the bright side you are halfway there!! I can't even believe you are halfway there. It feels like you were just announcing you are pregnant. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

My cousin is two months older than me and a boy and I of course am a girl. We got along great being in the same grade at the same school (although never in the same class). We played together every day after school. So don't worry even if you have a boy he will probably get along great with your sisters daughter.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. That moment in the delivery room is SO AMAZING!

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