24 February 2012

Y3W | It's real now.

Yesterday's appointment was wonderful for so many reasons.

For starters, no I'm not having twins ;) Thanks to those who put that on the Facebook page though and almost gave me a heart attack. I'm not really interested in doubling my kid population at this time, thankyouverymuch.

The appointment actually started off terrible. Because it started with this...:::gag:::

I tried my best to chug it down while discussing Philly traffic and bridge construction with the nurse, then dizzily went back to my seat in the waiting room until I got called back for my very first OB appt.

They called me back rather quickly, which was amazing. I barely had time to post my glucose picture to Instagram before they started weighing me and taking my BP. While I did gain 2 pounds since my 8 week appointment, I'm still down a pound from where I started, which is good. BP was great, as it always is in the beginning of my pregnancies.

My OB came in right away and as soon as I saw her, I immediately felt comforted. This is real, Jenn. This is happening. My doctor is just amazing. We have great conversations, we get along wonderfully and we have so much in common {um, besides the MD of course.} She addressed all of my concerns and patiently answered all of my questions {I usually have none, but I seemed to have quite a few this appointment.} When she was finished, she pulled out the doppler and explained that, while it was early to try it, she was going to give it a shot but would pull in the ultrasound machine if she couldn't find it.

She found the beautiful heartbeat immediately.

Like music to my ears, my little pumpkin was wiggling all around {likely from the glucose test} and had a beautiful heartbeat of 170.

I think I smiled for the rest of my appointment, despite our conversation.

After my exam it was time to talk business with my doc. She looked through my chart, verified my due date {September 16th} and then turned around and said "I'm worried about your blood pressure."

I'm so glad she brought it up first, because this has been a major concern of mine every since I found out I was having a September baby. I was induced twice for preeclampsia {basically excessive swelling combined with high blood pressure and protein in your urine} with both babies. Of course heat only makes these symptoms worse. Our goal with Carter, who was due in July, was always 38 weeks. I barely made it and was induced on 38w exactly with him. However, with Brynn, being due in May, I made it to 39 weeks, which is actually the furthest my doc is willing to let me go due to problems I had after the birth of Carter.

This time? I have to make it through the entire summer.

My doc said that she wants me to see her exclusively throughout my pregnancy {rather than rotating through the other OBs in the practice, all of whom I've met in my previous pregnancies} and that I'd likely end up with my 3rd induction. Our goal is 38 weeks again. Labor Day weekend {how appropriate.} Hopefully I make it further and can actually go into labor on my own, but for now? That's the goal. September 4th.

She also went on to tell me that she wants me to have all my ultrasounds through Maternal Fetal Medicine as level II's the entire pregnancy, starting with my anatomy scan. With my monster babies, she wants the most accurate measurements so that we have the best chance of determining just how big this "little" peanut will be.

While all this may seem scary, I fully expected all of this. I expect the pre-e to be worse with a September due date. I expect another large baby. I expect another induction. Hopefully I am able to make it to 39 weeks and/or go into labor on my own before that. But if not? It's fine. I'll roll with the punches.

I know some may be thinking, "check out this crazy pregnant chick... she defines this as a 'wonderful' appointment!?! Wacko."

Why yes. Yes, I do. Because after all of this I walked away feeling oddly comforted. Feeling happy. Feeling excited. Feeling like this baby thing? It's actually happening.

It's real now.

Making it to the 11 week mark and hearing the beautiful, sweet heartbeat again yesterday means that my chances of losing this baby are less than 2%. While I know things happen, I'm choosing to remain positive. I feel like I can finally let go of the anxiety and the worry that comes after experiencing a loss. I can enjoy this now. I can enjoy my very last pregnancy.

I am over-the-moon happy right now. Every time I think about it, I smile.

I'm having my third baby.

Our family will finally be complete.
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Now I just need to pass the glucose test! I'll get my results next week and I'll keep you posted. Basically? No news is good news.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


J-Berg said...

Congrats on an awesome appointment. It's got to be wonderful to know you have a plan in place and both you and your doctor are comfortable with.

Best wishes for a flawless pregnancy. I'm due in July, so I can definately relate to the heat issue.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Jenni! That sounds like an amazing appointment to me too! :)

Andrea said...

So happy for you! You deserve all the happiness with this pregnancy :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

This is great news momma, yay for heartbeats :)

Lauren said...

Wow, I can oddly relate to this post so much. I had severe pre-E and was given an emergency c-section at 34 weeks last time. Hubby doesnt want another because it scared him so much but when I did talk to my doctor he said most of the same things your OB said. It was so conforting to hear he thought I could do it but we would just take certain precautions. Good luck and I'm glad your happy!

Bethany said...

awesome! congrats!

Kelli said...

Congrats! I didn't realize you had pre-e twice ( maybe my baby brain has something to do with that). I had pre-e with my first pregnancy and was induced at 35wks 1day. I just had my level II (I am 21 weeks) and they ordered another in 6 weeks. The doctor says my uterine arteries show restriction which is a sign of pre-e. So far my bp is good and no swelling. My goal is 35 weeks again this time. I hope things go well for you and you have a wonderful pregnancy!

Sarah said...

I would call that a successful appointment as well. Sounds like things are going to go like you expected!

Love, Chelsea said...

I'm so happy for you!

Ashley @MamaOfAllTrades said...

So very happy for you!!

leah @maritalbless said...

I totally understand how this would make a wonderful appointment! Congrats lady on finally feeling like it's happening!

Mindi said...

So great that everything is going well and you heard baby's heartbeat!! So exciting. Good luck and I hope it isn't a hot, hot summer for ya!

ashley said...

love everything about this post. congratulations again, sweetie. tell that baby GIRL to wait until september 6th, brookie would love an adorable birthday buddy :)

Jessica said...

An official congratulations! Sending thoughts and prayers for an easy pregnancy throughout the summer. I'll be right along side you due Sept 7 and I've always loved following your blog since your kids are similar age to my two. Fun! Best of luck!

molly said...

It certainly is real! And I'm so happy for you, mama :)

twentyfivedesignblog.com said...

So happy for you!!

mel said...

so happy for you (and your family)! I 'm kind of in "awww" of you... but at the same time I can't imagine having more than "just" Lexie right now! :)

Real Housewife said...

Here's hoping you can finally go into labor, especially since it's your last baby! However considering the labor you had with Brynn another induction doesn't sound too bad ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats to you! And good luck. I know the difficulty of pre-ecclampsia & big babies and all of that. I nearly died giving birth to my first son (literally). I've had to have early, scheduled c-sections with my other two. Hope all goes well!

Brandy Bruce said...

Congrats! A new baby is always so exciting!

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