21 February 2012

The cars between us...

Bob and I were talking the other day and, since we've been together {ahem almost 11 years} we've had about 9 cars between us. {Is that a lot?... It seems like a lot.} Anyway, three of the cars we've loved the most? Toyota's. There's just something about them. The reliability. The way they run. The security you feel when you own one.

You just know it's a good car.

When we first got together, Bob got a Scion tc. He LOVED that thing. It was a really great car and boy was the price right. It had a Toyota Camry engine {one of the reasons he bought it!} was super sporty and, of course, he just had to get a stick shift. At the time, I didn't know how to drive a stick, so I was a little sad that I couldn't ever take it for a spin. But just riding in it, it was so nice.

Shortly after, I got my brand new Toyota Camry SE. Yes, it had to be the SE {Sports Edition} with the body kit, spoiler and sun roof. I loved that car. I was pregnant with Carter at the time and I knew it would be a very safe and reliable car to drive around our brand new baby. =) Once Carter finally arrived, Bob quickly realized this his sporty little two-door Scion just wasn't going to cut it anymore. It was time to grow up and grow up he did...

He bought a Tundra.

Bob had that Tundra for about 5 years, I think, and he totally would have kept it longer had we not gotten pregnant with baby #3. The Tundra, even with it's roomy back seat that easily fit 2 car seats, would never fit a 3rd. The truck itself was awesome and in that 5 years, we never had a single problem with it. Not one. We even drove it all the way down to OBX for family vacation 1 year and it was so comfy and easily fit all of our stuff for a week at the beach. We were so sad to trade it in, but with #3 on the way, we needed something with 3 rows. {All these babies!}

So there you have it... just a little background on the cars between us. Or should I say? The Toyota's between us!

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Andrea said...

DH has a Tundra and adores it. So do I!

LOVE the design by the way!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Jen. I have a question for ya! You guys clearly like Toyotas. And I know you have an awesome GMC Acadia. We are in the market to trade my tiny 2006 Chevy Malibu in for a family SUV with decent gas mileage. I have two kiddos: one in a car seat and one in a booster seat. I am trying to decide between a Toyota Highlander and the GMC Acadia. I know the size of the Acadia is a little larger. This next car has to last me a LONG time! Any advice or opinions on what you would pick? I have only owned Chevy's (4 in fact) and one Pontiac (that I hated!) TIA!!!

jenni from the blog said...

@Nicole- This is a hard one! We looked at both the Highlander and the Acadia and it was such a tough decision! We went with the Acadia b/c we liked the design of it better and the fact that it was a little bigger. It also had the 2nd row bucket seats that SOLD me.

Obviously I love Toyota's and I knew that we'd be happy with the Highlander, but we went with the GMC. I have a few friends that have it as well and they're recommendations pushed us over the edge. We do LOVE IT. We plant o keep it until it dies, so I hope it lasts a loooooong time.

Good luck deciding!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for replying with such great points. Glad to know you really like your Acadia. It is quite a bit roomier!

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