06 February 2012

On being team green.

Ya know, when I originally wanted to be on team green with Brynn, there was a small part of me that didn't think I could ever actually go through with it. I was all tough like "yes, I want to wait!" and the moment Bob said "is waiting until birth even an option?" I was all "you're totally right, let's find out!"

And that was that.

But then I was a little sad. Like, I really want to wait, but at the same time I WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS LITTLE PERSON IS. Ya know? Like who's keeping me up at night? Who keeps kicking my bladder? And for the love of God, who's trying to escape through my belly button!?!

But this time? This time it's different.

From the start it was as if finding out wasn't even an option. And once you take that option off the table, it makes it easy to wait. Well, easier.

I'm excited. I WANT to wait. I don't care who's doing all of those things to me. All I know is, it's my baby and I can't wait for the moment in the delivery room where they yell "IT'S A...."


I'm excited.

It will be new. And different. And exhilarating. And fun. And awesome. And wonderful. Andplusalso? Exciting. {Did I say that already?}

And for the record, I personally don't think finding out at 20 weeks takes anything away from the birth. I really don't know many things that actually could take away the excitement of that awesome day. But one thing I do hate is the line "We're waiting because there's only so many great surprises in life." Blah. That's bullshit. Guess what? When you're lying on that ultrasound table at 20 weeks eagerly awaiting that fateful news that will change your life forever? It's a surprise. And a damn good one. We made a HUGE deal for Carter and Brynn's ultrasounds and frankly? It was the best damn day of the pregnancy for me. It was wonderful. So to me? It's almost as if you have two really special days instead of just the birth. I'm kind of sad we'll be missing out on that this time.

Kind of.

Sure, it would make it more wonderful to find out who this little person is that will come in and be the tie breaker in our family. But we're still going to be making a HUGE deal of our 20 week ultrasound. We'll just {hopefully} be celebrating a healthy baby instead of a healthy boy or girl.

I just want to try something different. We found out before. We have a boy. We have a girl. We have two names {more to come.} We need nothing. Why the hell not just wait? There's really no reason to find out early.

Yeah, it's official. I'm excited. And I know we can do this.

Oh, and just so I don't annoy all the non-pregnant people with my pregnancy/baby talk, here's a little something for you.Kisses!


Unknown said...

I hate the "there are so few surprises in life" bs also. Why do people feel the need to judge on when you find out your baby's sex? If/when we have #3, I think we're going to go Team Green also. Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

Question for you....and you can answer later if you choose...

Have you kept everything from both babies? (Gear/clothes/toys, etc)

I kept all of O's stuff...but then with Christmas and Birthday's, I didn't need it for B (Other than the gear)....so now, that I THINK we MIGHT be done, I'm getting rid of everything....and I'm just not sure I should ; ) But then again...it's all 5 years old...and I'm not trying to get prego, so it would be at least 6 years old before being used...decisions decisions! (this might be my next post!)

Steph said...

You're killing me, Jennifer!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I have to be honest and say at I am way too impatient to ever be on team green!! But I am totally excited for you at you're waiting. I think it's awesome. One thing we did decide to do, is wait to name our babies until they are born. Even though we go into it having an idea of what names we like, we still are completely undecided and that special moment of seeing that little face and housing a name is just as special as I think hearing "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". Ya know?! I'm shocked that I am patient enough to wait to choose a name, but not find out the gender. Ha ha

molly said...

You should totally wait. TOTALLY. It will be awesome.

You already know my official guess is BOY :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I always thought it was called Team Yellow. Bahaha. ;) And also, I am too impatient, yo. Love finding out!

Michelle said...

I think it's awesome to wait... I couldn't personally do it because I am the most impatient person on the planet. Oddly enough, my cousin and his wife didn't find out with the first two, but then DID with the third!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

I think it's great that you're waiting! I feel the same way as you...if we have a third, we already have a girl and a boy and everything we need. So it will be a new excitement to have them hold up that precious little baby and announce who they are! :o)

J-Berg said...

This post made me laugh out loud more then once.

I can't wait to find out what our little person is in a few weeks at our 20 week ultrasound. But I totally understand where you are coming from too.

You've experienced the 20 week celebration twice, now you get to experience the 39 week celebration! You go girl! You can do it!

Erica said...

You can do it!!!

We waited and all I have to say is make sure they announce the minute he/she arrives. I was like what is it? WHAT IS IT?!!! Then my husband said OH...it's a boy! LOL!

However, I will admit it was difficult and at 39 weeks when they did a growth ultrasound, I was ready to cave and say TELL ME! But I didn't!

With our next one we are going to find out. Good Luck!

Brandy Bruce said...

I could never do it with my first two pregnancies. From the minute I found I was pregnant, I wondered every day what we were having. Now that we have a boy and a girl, I think I could probably wait the third time around.

Anonymous said...

YAY for Team Green!

I'll be curious to see if you feel differently about the surprise once you guys find out at the birth. Because I'll be honest, I cannot even begin to fathom that finding out at 20 weeks can come close to the awesome moment of finding out at birth. I've never found at out 20 weeks, so I can't compare, so I'll be interested to see what you think! :)

Jeannie said...

IF we have #3..which is a big IF, we plan to do the same. We've done it one way; have one of each so lets do it the other way; the 'old fashioned' way and wait :)

Can't wait to hear your names!! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you can wait, chickie! Being Team Green is lots of fun! Plus, obviously your ultrasounds were right with your 2, but I have heard wayyyyyy too many times of ultrasounds being WRONG and - suprise! The nursery is pink and you have a BOY! hehehe! In all honesty though, even being Team Green with Braden (who I KNEW was a boy from day 1!) it really was not as motivating through (natural) labor & delivery as I thought it would be! But it was amazing, the best surprise ever in the world and I will never forget it! Good luck!

Unknown said...

I respect your choice but do not know how you are going to do it!! lol
I dont think I could ever do the team green thing!!

Congratulations again!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally would wait too :)

Becki said...

Yay! Being Team Green is awesome! We did it four years ago with DS, and just had our anatomy scan with baby #2 this past weekend solidifying us in Team Green this time too. Finding out at the birth is amazing! Stay strong momma!

Leigh-Ann said...

I too hate to hear people say that line about suprises in life lol...Im not a parent yet, but the suspense still freaking kills me when its OTHER PEOPLES KIDS lol!! And yes, when I found out you were team green this time I was like NOOOO!!! LOL!

And thanks so much for the funny pic. I desperatley want to know the feeling of having a child, but I try to remind myself that I still get to sleep and I need to enjoy it!

mommy in the midwest said...

We had a boy first (found out at 18 weeks). 5 months after he was born, I got prego again. SUPRPRISE. We decided to keep everything about number 2 a surprise so we waited. Once we had made up our minds to wait, there was no going back and it was not that hard. I thought I'd be dying towards the end of the pregnancy but I wasn't. I was just anticipating and excited. Like I was the first time, but with a little something extra! I LOVED waiting. We had another boy. So we have two little buddies, 14 months apart and it is amazing!
Good for you for waiting to find out, so few people do it and I really think it is awesome. You know, there are so few surprises in life.

Mindi said...

I want to say I'm going to wait to find out the gender with Baby #3 but am way too inpatient to wait another 20 weeks. We will see if I have other feelings when I get preggo. Just became your 1000th follower! congrats on 1000 followers...that's awesome!! :)

Jen said...

We've done both. Waited with our first daughter until the birth and it was AMAZING and found out at the 20 week ultrasound with daughter #2 which was AMAZING again! It's just different but still a surprise no matter what you decide. I still don't know what we are going to do for Baby #3 due in October.......I soooooo want to wait but I feel like it's hard to now that we've found out with our second. Hmmmmmmm.......decisions, decisions :) Congrats to you on Baby #3!

Jamie said...

I wanted to be team green with my first, but by 20 weeks I just couldn't wait. I'm 31 weeks now and this time I am truly staying team green. It'll be fun to be surprised.

Kimberly said...

We found out with our first 3, all boys, but this time we chose to not find out. We just had out 20 week ultrasound which we still made a big deal about, just no gender reveal.

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