27 January 2012

Y3W | A blank slate.

As of right now, I have no idea what I want to blog about today, so I'm just going to keep typing and see what comes out.

Well it's almost February. I'm glad that January is quickly coming to an end. While it was a good month for us, I just hate the cold, dreary feel of it. Even Carter notices it... in the car this morning he said "Look Mommy, it's grey outside!" Yep bud, it is. Welcome to winter. I am quite thankful that it's 65 degrees today, but it did snow earlier this week and weather like that only makes people sick. Blah. So yay for February next week.... that's one step closer to spring!

Speaking of spring, Brynn's birthday is coming up {I know it's in May, but still... I feel like I need to start planning now.} She'll be two {how the hell did that happen??} and I'm not quite sure what to do for her party. Her birthday {5/24} is on a Thursday and that Saturday is the start of Memorial Day weekend. Not sure if we should have her party then, or do it the week before. Also trying to pick a theme and location. She's very into Tangled, so maybe we can do something like that. It doesn't top last year's Brynn in ONEderland theme though. Who knows.

I'd love to have her party at the Philadelphia Zoo or Storybook Land, but that can get really expensive. Also, I'm not quite sure how those places work as far as who you pay for. Do you cover the child and 1 parent? Then I'd feel bad if they want to bring their entire family and have to pay money to come to Brynn's party. But on the other hand, I don't have enough money to cover their entire family's trip to the zoo or amusement park, ya know? So yeah... I'm stuck.

What have others done in this situation? Do you just cover the child and 1 parent?

In other news, I had time to clean out the kids rooms from top to bottom {store old clothes, hang new ones, clean out closets, old toys... you name it} over the holiday break...
...nice right? While our bedroom, on the other hand, looks like a total disaster. No, really. I don't even know how I can fall asleep in it. If I had access to explosives, I'd literally blow the room off the house and start over... I think it would be easier. But alas, I think that's illegal, so I'll just stick to trash bags, plastic bins, Pledge and a vacuum. I'm hoping to get to it this Sunday.

Bob and I were talking this morning and I actually feel like our room needs a little mini makeover as well. I've been helping my sister Kacy pick out new stuff for her house, and we came across this beauty...Yep, sign me up. Our room is already painted a pretty blue color and I think this would actually match perfectly! I also think it will brighten up our room a lot {we have a brown, blue, & white duvet on there now} which it desperately needs right now. So yay for mini makeovers!

Speaking of mini makeovers, Carter's room is in need of one too. It needs to be debabyfied {yep, that's a word... I just made it up.} Of course his big boy bed and new PBK comforter help a ton, I want to get him a few fun things to hang on the wall. We're sticking with a baseball theme and I've been pinning different canvas & wall hangings that I've randomly found online. Below are my favs...
Baseball Signs
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
So yeah, that's something I hope to get too soon as well. I'm also pinning things for our new family room makeover so stay tuned for an entire post about that! =)

Okay, this random post ended up being about yucky January, Brynn's birthday party {ahem, in MAY}, the kids clean rooms, my extremely dirty room, and mini make-overs.

Not bad.
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Besides cleaning our disaster of a room on Sunday, we do actually have a nice little Saturday planned {<- anyone? anyone? Bueller?} We're headed out to our absolute favorite restaurant on Saturday night for a kid-free dinner with both sets of parents. I'm super excited!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Gina said...

The zoo probably has a "party package" - I know my local one does. You pay one price for a minimum amount of people - and you get whatever little perks they give (usually something like a treat bag, or something like that). I would give them a call and ask about it.

I don't know what Storybook Land is, but I would bet they have party packages too. It seems like every place has a party package available!

Unknown said...

Happy Friday darlin!

A birthday theme idea -
Twotally Tangled


Mary said...

We're going to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper, then maybe we'll hit Bed Bath and Beyond... I don't know! I don't know if we'll have enough time!


Love Carter's room ideas... Michael has had a Phillies room since he was born... still gotta get him a big boy bed! He's been in a toddler bed for over a year now!

Mary said...

Our zoo is free and it's SOOO nice! Too far for you, I know... we had Michael's first birthday there - you just have to pay $50 to reserve the pavilion and you can bring in anything you want - food, drinks, etc. Good luck!!

Melissa said...

I've been stealing your baseball pins this week! ha! My son's room is baseball themed as well, and I just can't stop thinking about ways to do more stuff. We are also considering making our guest room his playroom, so we may just stretch the baseball theme across the hall. Love it!

Sarah said...

I started planning Mag's birthday the minute we were finished with her first birthday LOL, so no judgement here! Love the duvet for your room, very pretty. Have a great weekend!!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE that bedding set!

And why do babies grow up so fast? I feel like I was just going through your blog post about Brynn's Onederland party!

Ashley @MamaOfAllTrades said...

I love the canvases! I can't wait for the kids to get separate rooms so I can decorate Chase's in a baseball theme.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Our room is painted blue as well (although it's a little bit more of a baby blue, which I wasn't happy about once I got it all on the wall!). And we also have a paisley duvet cover that looks really similar to that! I say do the makeover in your room!!! I'm trying to get ours looking better, but I'm getting lots of resistance from my hubby. Boo!

Unknown said...

Love the bedroom...was that on Pinterest?!?! I'd never leave that room. Maybe we need to do a make-over on our bedroom too. Seems to be the 1 room that gets neglected. Oh well, I digress.

Denae @ New Mom Adventure said...

Elena is turning one in May too. I am lost. NO idea what I want to do. Too many options. Pinterest isnt helping.

Loving Mommy! said...

Im so jealous that their rooms are so clean and clutterless!!
I feel like I cant ever get truly rid of SO many toys or SO much clothes lol.

Tell us your organizing tips for all toys, clothes etc.
My kids have ALOT of both! lol

Also, be a peach and post a day in the rooms when they're NOT picked up and so clean haha!!

Aaron and Jen said...

Love Carter's room idea, that that bedspread is gorgous!

p.s. I left you a little something on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have that duvet cover and absolutely LOVE it!! I love walking in my bedroom and seeing it and climbing into it.

Also, Tangled would be A-Dorable!

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