23 May 2011

Brynn's 1st Birthday Party

Well the party was fabulous! The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, the kids had a blast on the bounce house/slide, and the adults had fun at the keg. What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah... a happy birthday girl! And a ton of pictures.

Warning: This was me. All day. {Seriously. I took 477 pictures.}
Lots of pictures ahead. {But not 477. I promise.}

Inside Details:
The cake table...The AMAZING cake:
Brynn's monthly pictures...
And a few favorites of our pretty girl =)Teapots by Sweet Stella's!Brynn's smash cake!
The cupcakes that my mama made, along with the Sweet Stella's "eat me" treat flags!Party favors! {Alice in Wonderland sticker activity books, candy, bubbles, bouncy balls, and a slinky all wrapped up in clear plastic with a "take me" tag.}Outside Details:
The tent! And the gorgeous sky...
The matching sign that I made for croquet...Giant chess set!Birthday banners that I made...
Tea cups made by Sweet Stella's... I decided to string them up with ribbon and hang them from the tent and it turned out adorable!"Drink me" straws...I also hung various signs around the party...Hanging tea pots and pennant flags...
The centerpieces consisted of balloon bouquets and giant tea cups filled with snacks!There were paper lanterns strung all along the tree...Party Pics:
The Mad Hatter birthday girl while we were getting ready...
The bounce house that kept the kids occupied from the moment it was inflated until the moment it was deflated. I'm serious.... it was deflating on Carter and he still wouldn't get out of it.
My silly boy kept taking his breaks along the side of the slide =) Here he is with a cookie.
Our sweet girl all dressed up for the party!
Mama and the birthday girl!
Daddy's turn!
The only picture I have with Carter. And it's only because he needed someone to open his Capri Sun.
The girlies playing croquet!
The boys? Well they decided to play in the driveway...
A panoramic view of the party!
My sister, Kacy. Being Kacy.The birthday girl with her Grammy & P-Pop! {Love this pic... she's saying "hiiiii" =}
And with her GG!
She wasn't sure what to think at first...
...and then she got it ;)
Time to hand out the cupcakes to all the kiddos...
Carter took the "eat me" treat flag literally. He didn't even want the cupcake!
One last shot of the gorgeous cake before we cut it! {Which took forever. I'm such an idiot.}My sweet girl kissing her 1st birthday balloon...
And with icing all over her face and in her hair!
Finally time to relax! Woot!
Break #2 on the side of the slide for Carter Man...
I was laying on the slide too {hey, it wasn't a bad idea!}
Basketball with daddy!
Winding down. So nice!
Look who's "soooooo big!"
Time to open presents!
Carter just loves to open cards/presents and does the sweetest "gasp"... I love it!
I think Brynnie likes to open presents too!
Grammy got her a bracelet and she was SO CUTE when we put it on her. She's going to be a Tiffany's girl for sure! ;)
So sweet =) Time for more presents inside...
Carter was SO TIRED {and sweaty and dirty.} We threw him in the tub real quick and as soon as we sat him down, he passed out... =)
And no, we didn't put his hand like that.

So, there you have it. It was a fabulous day and everyone had a great time. I still can't believe my baby girl is ONE. Well, tomorrow that is. ;)

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Shan said...

Oh my gosh! SO SO SO CUTE! Great job on the party mama!!

sara said...

Everything turned out great! So cute and Brynn could not have been more gorgeous on her big day!!

MrsKBJ said...

Very cute!!! What a fun party theme :O) Everything looked great! You look beautiful too!

molly said...

Everyone looks SO happy, especially Brynn. I love all the faces she made when it came to the bracelet ;) She'll be a girly girl for sure!

So happy it went well!

Bethany said...

Looks awesome!! Job well done!!

SSG said...

So cute!!! Love that cake!

Lea said...

Cutest Party Idea EVER!!! I love it for a first birthday!


Kimberly said...

Looks like a great party! Her faces with the bracelet are adorable! Looks like you have a girly girl on your hands ;)

Kristin said...

LOVED seeing the pics! Everything looks so wonderful! Happy Birthday Brynn!!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

The pics are great! Looks like a wonderful birthday party. You did a great job! My little girl has that cute dress(target?)

Melissa @ knit purl baby said...

Her party looked like it was so much fun! That bounce house is pretty epic! I've never seen one with slide before. You've got me super motivated for my little one's first bday on Sunday!! I can't believe it's so soon!

<3 Melissa @ knit purl baby

kacy said...

i just want to say that i didn't enjoy the party or the keg at all. or the day after when we had a kick the keg party and ate all the leftovers. wait, what leftovers? fatties.

Tammy said...

I LOVE her reaction to the bracelet!What an awesome party!

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