30 January 2012

The Prius C

Earlier this month, Toyota introduced the all new Prius C, which has the best fuel economy of any vehicle on the road! Due to come out in March, 2012, the new "C" {which stands for "city"} is set to complete the popular Prius family and has a more urban-friendly feel to it. It's design is sleek and will appeal to the young professional.

This 5-door hatchback utility vehicle is easy to maneuver in the city, and those of us that work in the city understand just how difficult that can be, with narrow streets and parallel parking in tiny spots. Well this vehicle? Makes it look easy. And with an estimated 53mpg in the city {!!!} you really can't go wrong!

You can read the entire article released from Toyota here, but to highlight, the new Prius C...

• ...is the highest rated city fuel economy of any vehicle without a plug
• ...introduces proven hybrid powertrain at MSRP below $19,000
• ...has a wide array of available convenience and premium technology

Be sure to check out that all new Prius C this March!

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