30 January 2012

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I am Crystal Brown, a Director with Thirty-One Gifts. I joined Thirty-One in January of 2011... with my goal being to make some extra money to pay off some debt, so my husband and I can afford another baby, with daycare prices! Now, a year later I am a Director and have 15 girls on my team in 5 different states... and my car will be paid off 6 months early, and now I am starting on paying down my student loans! My goal now is to be able to quit my full-time job within the next 3 years!

Thirty-One's motto is to Celebrate, Encourage and Reward women! It gives many women an opportunity to make extra money, while also meeting many new women by having parties in their homes!

February is super exciting this year! The new Spring Catalog comes out February 1st. The 2012 Spring Catalog is designed to help you with your coordinating needs by suggesting items that will best suit your occasion, trip, career, etc.
Some of my new favorites include the mini utility bin, casual cargo purse and the double pinch coin purse... this is just too cute!!
You will also see that we have a URU Thermal Tote in Pink Parisian Pop for $16. This is a great tote which symbolizes the importance of women and young girls who have dealt with or dealing with low self-esteem. This tote encourages women to be true to who they are and who they want to be. There is an exclusive print with a URU liner message inside stating “U R Strong, U R Bold, U R True, U R U, ” This is a perfect gift for the young woman in your life to show her how important she is to you. The extra $1 in cost will go to the Thirty-One Gives Foundation supporting Women and Young Girls. To find out more about this Foundation, please visit this site.The customer special for February is Spend $31, Get an item for 31% off! I have an open event on my website, just for Jenni from the Blog readers. I am offering all of you 10% off your orders. This event is only open until February 17, so all orders must be placed by that date. I will take off your discount when I close the event on February 17, I will email you with your final tote then.

I also have a Facebook group I use to keep my customers updated with different specials I run and everything going on within Thirty-One!

Stay tuned for a February giveaway from Thirty One coming soon! =)


Whoop it up! said...

hey, thanks!
i would love to enter you giveaway... where can i find it ? (:

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Loving your blog! How have I not found it before?! :)

jenni from the blog said...

@Whoop- I will announce it next week! Stay tuned! =)

@Alycia- Thanks so much!

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