25 February 2011

Y3W | The Survey Says

First, I want to sincerely thank all of you that took the time to complete my blog survey. {If you haven't yet, I still want to hear from you!!} I was shocked to see that over 200 people answered each and every question for me. 220 people {as of this morning} to be exact. Which, of course, has me wondering... who are all of you!?!? ;)

For the most part, the results were as expected... and I want to share them with you:
Yep. That made me laugh too.

...so I expected the answers to this next question:
For the one reader out there that doesn't want kids... thanks for being honest. And thanks for not finding my utterly annoying by continually posting pictures of my kids. =)

The next 2 questions really made me smile and I'm so excited that you have been following my journey for so long and that you continue to come back...I see that the majority of my readers found me from The Knot/Nest/Bump, which isn't surprising at all since I've been on those boards since I started planning my wedding in 2005. {wow, that's a long time.}Okay, so here's where it gets interesting. Giveaways. I know they're not for everyone, and if I were to take this survey myself, I would have selected "They're great as long as it's not an everyday thing." As you can see, the majority of my readers either agree with me, "Love 'em" or "don't care either way." That's 91% of you.

But for this question, I got a lot of feedback {which I asked for!} On one hand, I got a lot of "they're so great, thank you!" and "you've had a lot of wonderful things that moms appreciate and can really use!" and "Do more! Do more!" However, in between those comments I would see "their annoying" and "they're okay, but they're not why I read your blog."

Totally understandable. They're not why I write my blog either.

Here's how I feel about giveaways... for the right product, I think they're great. But I do not, by any means, want them taking over my blog. This blog is for me. It's my little place on the internet for me to talk about my life and my family. It will always be that. This, I promise.

So, that brings me to the very last question on the survey. The open field box that allowed you to write whatever the heck you wanted too. 70 of you chose to do that and I truly appreciate it... good or bad.

I'd say 99% of those comments were either questions for me {which I will be answering for you!} or extremely positive comments about me and the blog. {Thank you!} I think most people continue to come back because they find me "relatable" and "hilarious" {that's debatable} and because I have "the most adorable babies ever." But I think my favorite comment of the day was this: "I am pretty sure your loins are gold-plated. How could they not be? Look at those precious kids" {Was that you Kelly??}

But of course, not all the comments were positive. I got everything from "It used to be a lot better before it became so much of a business" to "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too commercial lately ... where exactly are you taking this thing? It's rapidly losing it's appeal."

While I'm not trying to lose any readers with the direction my blog has taken these past few months, I also realize that I can not please everyone.

As evident by this survey, people come here for different reasons; whether it be to hear about my life/my babies, to just scroll through pictures, or to break up the monotony of their work day, they continue to come back. I appreciate that more than I can even express to you and I only hope that I can provide those things for you.

But as I've mentioned a multitude of times on here: I blog for me. Where this blog is going, I have no idea. But I like it. And that's all that matters. As a middle child, I've tried to please everyone. It doesn't work. Believe me, it doesn't. So this has to be for me.

Thank you again for taking my survey. I appreciate and have read every word that you wrote to me. If you have any questions, please let me know... I hope to do a Q&A post next week.

You guys are AWESOME.

Grab a button and join the fun!!

And for those of you that come here for cute pictures... this should melt your heart too.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Can I get to clickity clicks for the blog on this rainy Friday? =)
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Victoria said...

I was hoping you'd post the results, that was really interesting to read!

I'm on the "I like giveaways as long as they don't take over the blog' category. I only do a giveaway every month to every other month because of this. I always miss reading about people's actual families when the giveaways take over!

Unknown said...

That is fun to see the survey results. So funny that it is 100% female, not surprising I guess.
I love your blog, you are so creative and your kiddos are adorable.
How is Carter? His ears?
Happy Friday!!

sara said...

Heart = melted.

Really interesting results. I wonder what people would tell me...

Amanda said...

I like the give aways, but would be so upset if that is all the blog turned in to. That being said, you are still hysterical in your give aways and the tile thingy mo bobber was freaking AWESOME. Still praying every night I win that!
Your kids are adorble, your blog is addicting with or without giveaways and you crack me up.

Have a great weekend.

Momma Brown said...

FYI, my loins are platinum plated (obviously!). I know a guy if you want to upgrade before the next kid. ;)

jenni from the blog said...

LOL, thanks Kel, I'll get his contact info shortly ;)

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