23 February 2011

And the survey says...

Seriously. Enough about me. I talk about myself on here all the time, but now I want to know more about you. I want to know what you're looking for in a blog. Why you continue {or don't continue} to come back. Is this your first time here or are you a JFTB regular? I want to know. I need to know. {Especially with the amount of lurkers that I have... come out and join us already ;}

So, can you do me a teeny favor? Take my survey real quick? I promise it's quite painless. Just want to know a few things about you. And it's 100% anonymous, so please be {brutally... okay maybe not brutally, I don't feel like crying today} honest.

Also, I haven't done a questions post in awhile, so let me have 'em. Leave a comment either here or on the survey {the last question!!} or email me with your questions and I'll answer them for you. Nothing is off limits! Is there a topic that you want me to talk about on here? Want to know my favorite thing to do on a Monday night? {Bachelor + wine... duh.} Anything at all that you're wondering about?

Let me have 'em.

Thank you, my dears.

Can I get two clickity-clicks for the blog?
Bouncing back and forth from 15 to 16 is quite exhausting. ;)
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Anonymous said...

Ok, here goes (I just filled out your survey)...I admit it, I am a lurker, probably because I don't have enough time to sign up for anything official! I love your blog because we are both from Philly and both had babies born the same time, I initially found you on the bump.
I think you have awesome taste and cannot wait to see what you do for Brynn's first birthday. Not only are you hilarious and upbeat but your kids are so stinkin cute! Your blog is what I look forward to reading the most when I am a tired mama and need some inspiration. Keep up the good work! and I promise to join soon...: )

jenni from the blog said...

Umm, you just made my day. =) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jenni, I love this blog! You seem so cheerful and snarky; it makes me so happy =) You also happened to use two of my favorite names for your kids, so I was wondering how you came up with your children's names? Were they simply names you liked or do they have family/sentimental significance?

Jessica Hrouda said...

Jenni - as a fellow 2 parent working household.... What are some tips you can give this fellow mama? I recently started working from home 3 days a week to save from my commute time and give me some quality of life back. Hoping it will help me keep the house in order.

Anonymous said...

I also found you on the Bump when I was pregnant - I think maybe on the Nurseries/Baby Gear tab, but then I just kept following. Now that my little girl is almost 6 months and eating like a champ - I'd like to know how your kids are w/ their foods, meals, and how you as a family are w/ cooking/meals/etc etc.
Also would be curious how you stay organized and still do a blog since you are busy w/ 2 little ones, a hubby, a house, and a very active social life :) Keep up the good work!

sara said...

I'm all survey up! I'll have to get back to you on the questions. I'm having a wicked baby brain day...

Kimberly said...

Ok, I did the survey. :)

mel said...

Surveyed :)

What are your favorite blogs (baby blogs or other)?

MrsKBJ said...

I just did the survey :O)
Your blog is great, I am glad I found it! Enjoy your weekend!

Mandy said...

Nice blog, found it just a few minutes ago.

Im now more often here ^^

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