24 February 2011

9 months

Oh my Sweet Brynn. You are 9 months old today. I can not believe that you have now spent the same amount of time inside of my belly as you have out in the world. I can not believe that it's been 18 months since the wonderful day we found out you were coming. I can not believe how fast this is going.

And I expected it.
{Brynnie all bundled up in the car this morning getting ready to go to GG's}

You have grown so much this month Brynnie Girl. You are now starting to lose some of your baby fat {boooo!} and you seem to be getting so much taller lately. Mommy still needs to schedule your 9 month well visit {oops!} but I can't wait to hear your stats and see how much you've grown.

I think the biggest milestone that you've hit since the 8 month post, is that you have increased your tooth population by 200%! =) That's right sweet pea, you now have not one {which I excitedly bragged about here} but TWO teeth. Both are at the bottom and you just look so adorable when you smile.Oh, your hair is starting to come in a little more, sweet girl... you actually have curls after bath time! {You can kinda see one above her right ear in that last picture =} I think that you will soon start looking like you're wearing one of those old President's wigs with all the curls on the side =)

Another thing that you have been doing lately is "sweet dreams" {part of the naptime routine at my mom's house is everyone does "sweet dreams" and they put their pointer fingers together... I LOVE IT.} We do it all the time now before naps and bedtime.
Awwwww. You're such a good cuddler too. =)

My next favorite thing is that you're giving high-fives to anyone who asks for one!
Oh Sweet Pea... you're so darn cute. Here's Carter getting in on the action...

You make the best faces too! You are so funny with your "ut oh's" and your happy screams... and that tongue of yours that is out of your mouth more than it's in...

You're still not crawling or pulling yourself up yet, but you practice all the time! It doesn't seem to phase you much, because you can certainly get around the room just fine. We know you will crawl when you're good a ready! Your favorite word is, by far, "dada" and you must say it a million times a day! But you just love to talk and sing, and I think dancing is your favorite...You get your moves from your mama.

While taking your official 9 month pictures last night, you found it hysterical that daddy was hiding behind mommy. I just love this sequence...
You are such a sweet baby, Brynn. {Dare, I say it?...} An easy baby. So easy, in fact that I fear baby #3 {when it happens} will be the devil itself. ;) You had two bad colds this month and I think that we're all about ready for winter to be OVER. Though the colds/cough did affect your sleeping, you were always in a good mood. Just extra cuddly, which we'll take any day of the week!

Okay, it's time to see how much you've grown this month Brynnie:
As fast as I just scrolled through those pictures? Yeah, that's how fast these past 9 months have flown by.

We love you more than you can possibly imagine, Brynn and we are so lucky to have you.

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Unknown said...

So precious!

Steph said...

It's just not possible that she's losing her rolls! No! No! No!

And in that one picture of her on her chair, I see so much of Carter!

Happy 9 Months Brynn!

Toni said...

wow - 9 months! I can't believe it. I wish they would never lose the rolls! Jack still has some in his legs, but other than that he's pretty lean :(

molly said...

So so precious. She is growing so fast and yes, it does look like the rolls are lessening a bit.

Kiss them and squeeze them while you can, mama :)

Amanda said...

Happy 9 month Birthday Brynn! You sure are a cutey!!! And getting to be such a big girl!

sara said...

How is she 9 months already?!

I hope she doesn't lose the rolls too fast. I'm living through hers since Pie has leaned out like crazy lately.

Happy 9 months gorgeous!

Jeannie said...

Such a great post... She is such a little doll :)

Christa Cox said...

i recently discovered your blog and wanted to stop by and let you know i have an award for you! :)


Life via Lens said...

Brynn is simply precious - I especially love your pics of those 2 itty bitty teeth! *sigh* Makes me sentimental for those long lost gummy grins of my own 3 kiddos... ;)

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