17 December 2010

Your Three Words

Sorry for the delay, we have our work Christmas party all day today {bring on the mimosa's for breakfast, the mid-morning gift exchange in which I was given "Beers of Pennsylvania Brewery's", and the lunch at a BYOB Italian place in South Philly! I sense a theme here... :)}

In all seriousness, last night was rough. It was more than rough. Poor Carter Man was so sick and was projectile vomiting everywhere. This was really the first time he's thrown up and my poor baby was so scared. I kept him next to me all night and would bounce out of bed as soon as I sensed that it might happen again.

Needless to say, no one slept in our house last night. Well, except for Brynnie who happily snored away in her crib all night.

Bob stayed home with the kiddos today so that I could come to my work Christmas party. :::sips mimosa::: I do feel bad though. I never want to see my baby boy like that again. Bob said that Carter seemed like his old self this morning, so I hope everything is out of his system now!

In other news, my mom was diagnosed was a "serious case of pneumonia" yesterday afternoon. Sigh. Please send healthy vibes this way, thank you very much. =)

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I hope everyone has a great weekend! Have fun finishing up your shopping :) Oh, and in case you forget- Christmas Eve is one week from today!!!

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Steph said...

Oh no!!! I really hope everyone is well on the mend now. Zachary had projectile vomiting a few weeks ago and I was covered in puke no less than 10 times in one day. And I mean HEAD to TOE puke, too.

Have a lot of fun at your party!

Jeannie said...

Oh no, that sounds awful! Poor Carter! I sure hope it's out of system today..And your mom, I'll be sending vibes your way for sure.

ENJOY your party...it sounds awesome!

Jess said...

good vibes sent your way for a healthy carter and your momma!

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. Kendall had this too and threw up about ten times in an hour and a half! It was also the first time she was sick and my heart broke for her.

molly said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry.

We just went through this with BOTH boys. TWICE!

It was the first time Landon threw up ever and he was so scared too. Didn't understand what was happening to him and my heart just broke watching him.

I truly hope Carter man comes through it quickly (and that Brynn doesn't catch it). This stuff is like the plague!!!

Unknown said...

Poor Carter! I hope he feels better VERY soon.

Yuliya A. said...

Oh poor Carter! I hope he's feeling better now! And sending healthy vibes to your mom too!!

Heather said...

hey Jenni, I've been checking back for an update on your mom. Been keepin her in my prayeres! Hope she's getting better and better each day. Please keep us posted!

Larissa: said...

Aww! Hope both your mom and Carter feel better!

Shan said...

oh Bubba...I hope you feel better soon!

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