20 December 2010

An Update

I plan to write a "real" blog post later today, but for now, here's an update:

My mom is feeling a little better. She has a ton of meds and she's "resting." I put that in quotes, because my mom doesn't really rest. For example, yesterday she wrapped Christmas presents and made 4 dozen Christmas cookies {with the decorating help of my sister, Kacy.} How's that for "resting"? Mom, you better be laying down when you read this, woman...

As for Carter, it got worse before it got better. Friday night he was moaning in his sleep and then woke up screaming at 5:30am. I mean screaming. I couldn't calm him down. He felt a little warm and was pulling on both ears saying "it hurts! it hurts!" :(

Once the Motrin kicked in, he seemed to be fine, but he woke up screaming from his nap later that day. We called the pedi and she said it sounded like a double ear infection and called in a prescription for him for ear drops. At this point, I was out Christmas shopping while Bob was home with the kiddos, so I left the mall and ran right to the Walmart Pharmacy.

When I got there at 6:05pm, they informed me that they didn't have the ear drops. WHAT?!? I made the pharmacist call around to see who else had them, b/c I was not letting my child go through another night in pain. Most pharmacies closed at 6pm on a Saturday night, but he did find another one that closed at 7:00pm that had the drops in stock.

After a breif meltdown at the Walmart express register that closed seconds before I got in line {you should have seen all the other registers... the lines were down the aisles} the woman let me pay for my milk and bread {after begging her} and I was on my way to the other pharmacy.

I made it there just in time to get the drops and they have been a Godsend ever since. Carter is like a new boy and hasn't complained about his ears once! This is his first ear infection that he's ever had {I know, we're lucky that he made it two and a half years without one!} so I had no idea what to do. My sister Kristi, who is an ear infection/tubes pro, helped calm me down, so I want to thank her so much for that!

My question to you other ear infection pros out there- Do you think the double ear infection caused Carter to throw up the night before?? I totally forgot to ask the pedi about that... the stomach bug is going around too so that could have been the culprit as well.

Thank you so much for all of your healthy vibes!

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You guys are seriously THE BEST!!! xoxo

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Steph said...

My daughter used to get ear infections ALL the time (she's 9 now) and a tell tale sign for me that she was getting them was an upset stomach and dark circles under her eyes. Her pedi said that for her, the ear infections would cause dizziness which in turn would cause an upset stomach.

My son has had an ear infection twice (once was a double infection) but luckily has not had the stomach issues like his sister had. Maybe it's possible that with Carter the pain was so bad that the vomiting was caused by it? I really hope he's feeling a lot better! Poor little guy, it's never fun being sick during the holidays :(

Unknown said...

I thought we had the same issue with Kendall. She threw up randomly (four days after she had the flu) and had been crying that her ears hurt. I brought her in and her ears were fine, so I'm guessing she was just a little faker or something else made them hurt. Our DCP's little boy got ear infections all the time, and she said he would throw up from them. I hope he feels better soon. It's so hard to see our little one's not feeling well. :(

Bethany said...

From a ear infection pro (my sweets is getting a second set of tubes put in and her adenoids taken out) she does throw up when her ears are that bad. so sorry your little guy was in pain. thats the worst part of this parenting gig.

Jeannie said...

Henry has only had 1 ear infection, thank God, but seeing your baby in such pain is the worst :( I'm so glad he seems to be doing so much better! Just in time for Santa..

I hope you and your family have the greatest Christmas :)

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