15 December 2010

Random 101

Because this is literally all I can come up with {and all I have time for!} right now...

1.) I was watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas last night {the Jim Carey one} and this thought popped into my head: Are any of The Who's Jewish? Do you think they have any Jehovah's Witnesses roaming around Whoville? Seems like all the houses had Christmas lights... so I was just wondering. How's that for random?

2.) I've finished my Christmas shopping {for the most part}... I just have two little gifts to buy and I hope to pick them up on Saturday when I go shopping with my sisters. My problem now is figuring what the heck I ordered online and when it will get to my house...

3.) That brings me to wrapping. I haven't started. I'm not the type of person who likes to wrap gifts as I buy them. I like to sit down {ahem, with a glass bottle of wine} and get everything done all at once. The way I figure it... wrapping presents requires a lot of crap and I don't want to pull it out more than once. And that brings me back to #2... when the heck will my online gifts arrive?

4.) I got my hair done yesterday. Wooo hooo! I finally look somewhat presentable. Bring on the Christmas parties!

5.) I've found that I curse a lot more now that I have kids. Aren't you suppose to curse less? I don't curse at them or even around them, of course. I just find that I curse more, in general. What the eff?

6.) My Christmas cards have finally been mailed. I took them to the post office yesterday, and then stood there at the side counter sticking the stamps to each of the 60some cards and then put each one in the dropbox. Here is the final design that I went with... {click for larger view}7.) I finally, FINALLY heard Brynn say "Mama". She's been saying it for almost 2 weeks now, but never to me. She'd say it to everyone BUT me, actually. But now she looks at me with her beautiful eyes and her sweet smile and says "mamamama". It melts my heart.

8.) I just found out that our office is closed on December 23rd!! That means that I have off from December 23rd until January 3rd. Woooooo hooooo! Bob has off as well, so we plan to do a few day trips during the week in between Chrismas and New Years {like the aquarium} which I'm so excited about!

9.) It literally took me all day to write this post. I opened it at 8:02am and I'll be lucky if I can post it to my blog before 3:00pm 4 ... 15pm.

10.) I'm currently #26 on Top Baby Blogs! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your votes everyday. I get so many wonderful readers from that site, which is why I think it's so important to me to try and get the blog back to the first page. I love that you guys comment and email me, and now follow me on Twitter. LOVE it. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey =)

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Larissa: said...

LOL! This is probably your most random post, for real! LOL!!! I'm jealous that you're almost done shopping! We aren't even starting until next Wed! What the eff!? LOL! This year I was so lame and emailed a Christmas card. Work sucks so I haven't made much money. Speaking of which, I'm going to email you because I have some questions about your job :-) LOL! Don't worry, I'm not gonna steal it, I'm in MI! I love your cards by the way! So cute. I'm hoping to post ours on our site soon. Maybe tomorrow since hubby will be working late!


heather@actingbalanced.com said...

Random is good.. I save all my randoms for Fridays and hook up with a meme called Friday Fragments... that way I get to be totally random on a not so random schedule ;)

Luv your Christmas cards!

Jeannie said...

The Whoville thought...is so random and so funny :-) I have to finish my shopping this Saturday. Nothing like waiting until the.last.minute.

I LOVE your Christmas card design, BTW. As always, great job!

Oh and might I add, that I'm jealous of all your time off within a two week period, but how awesome that Bob's off too. Enjoy!

J-Berg said...

I just about peed myself reading your Whoville Question. That is totally something I would think of.

Thanks for making me smile on this very cold morning.

Steph said...

You know I love me some random! Those pictures on your card are just so beautiful! ;)

Andrea said...

I LOVE your Christmas cards! I know you design them yourself, but where do you send them to print? I wish I was as crafty :)

Kaybee said...

Well, in Whoville, wouldn't they be Jewhovah's Witnesses? ;)

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