20 December 2010


This weekend I spent a lot of time organizing and wrapping all the Christmas presents. It went fairly smoothly except for the fact that I made the mistake of showing Carter one of his cousin, Simon's Christmas presents.

After a melt down I've never seen in real life {only heard about on Animal Planet} the Lotso Bear Toy Story 3 dump truck now belongs to him.I know I shouldn't have given in, but I seriously packed the truck back up into it's standard shipping box and put it upstairs with all the other standard shipping boxes, and Carter managed to sniff out the Lotso truck {maybe he smelled the strawberries?} and rip open the box.

At that point I thought he deserved it.

Brynnie loved the truck too!
And no worries, Simon, a replacement truck has already been purchased {thanks Grammy!}

These pics are too cute not to share... :)So, while Bob kept an eye on the kiddos, I got to wrapping. But first things first...
And I may or may not have been playing with the Hess truck. What? I was making sure it worked for Carter.

When I really got down to business, I managed to wrap every single gift that we had so far. The only thing left to wrap are Ben & Gracie's gifts {they just came in last night, woo hoo!} and my dad's gift {the one and only thing I plan to throw in a gift bag.}

Baby Stella wins as the most difficult gift to wrap this year... But she also wins as the cutest gift too. I think Brynnie will love her!
And a few of the other gifts... Oh, it looks like I did use one other gift bag. But in my defense, there are about 6 Chuggington trains in there that I just did not want to wrap individually. Sorry Carter Man!

Mama's little helper while her brother was napping...
So, I have a confession: After comparing Carter's gifts to Brynn's, I feel kinda bad.

Santa was extremely practical this year. The big guy gave me hints as to what he bought made for my kids and Brynnie got mostly clothes. She did get the Baby Stella doll and this Fisher Price Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle thing but that's about it.

I know I shouldn't feel bad... she's 6 months ahem, 7 months old on Christmas Eve! She has no clue what is going on and would probably be happy with an empty gift bag with tissue paper in it. {Actually... so would Carter.} But I still feel kinda bad that Carter got all these fun presents, and Brynnie got clothes. And a pretty jacket. Oh well...

I know that she will get A TON of toys from her aunties, grandparents and other family members, so I shouldn't feel too bad for her. She's very spoiled. And more toys in our house is just about the last thing we need...

So, I have a question for you: Should I wrap all the clothes we got Santa made her?
Right now, everything is hanging in her closet. I only wrapped her two toy presents because, honestly, she may need to wear a few of those outfits before Christmas... she's growing like a weed! {And is this where I should also admit that my almost 7 month old is wearing 18m clothing?}

So, how are you guys making out with your shopping??? Are you finished? Do you have everything ready??

I'm basically done except for a few things I need to pick up {pictures I had printed, a gift for our puppy Kai, etc.} on Thursday when I have off. I'll also be spending most of this week helping my mama who has pneumonia and obviously doesn't feel well. Last night I finished up her wrapping for her {is it weird that she made me write "To: Jennifer From: Santa" on the tags? I actually LOVE that my mom still does that} and my 2 sisters and I made about 5-6 dozen homemade chocolate chips cookies. YUM.

4 more days!

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Steph said...

I still have shopping to do! I am usually so on top of these things but this year was so different!

Olivia's Mommy said...

So ready, just need to wrap the Santa Gifts....and the hub's needs to put together Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse and the Kitchen Olivia is getting! He better get on that, but he will probably be doing it Christmas EVE at 2AM when we get home from the huge party my parents host! He works from home I told him to do it in between Conference Calls! I have some more baking to do and then food shop and done!

Danyiel said...

I wouldn't wrap all the clothes, especially knowing that she is going to get so much from everyone. Maybe a few of the outfits that you are sure she will not be needing before Santa comes. I love that Carter is laying down with the truck. It's like he is saying "seee, mom I really did neeed it".
The coat for Brynn is adorable.

Cristina said...

We don't wrap anything that comes from Santa (how would he know what gifts belong to you while they are in the bag?) so I say don't wrap them. Makes life a LOT easier :)

BTW, I'm a long time reader but first time commenter. Love your blog! My daughter is the same age as Carter (to the day almost!) and I used to go on the bump when she was tiny and found your blog then :)

Erica said...

I vote not to wrap the clothes.

Love your blog. I have to admit I check it daily! :)

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

molly said...

Good job! Have not wrapped yet. Will do so on Wednesday night since we have to have our "Christmas" on the morning of Christmas Eve. Daddy has to work on Christmas :(

Hope your mom gets better soon. After just having pneumonia, I can tell you, it's NO fun at all. And yep, she should be resting!

Matt & Sabrina said...

My vote is definitely a no to wrapping all the clothes. The coat is super cute though!

We weren't very equal this year with our 2 kiddos either. Marshall is 2 years (and 2 months, but who's counting?), so we bought several toys for him because we know he'll actually be excited and interested this year. Emerson is only 2 months old, so we only bought her 2 things! I know we'll work to make things more equal when she's a little older.

Jeannie said...

I have all my shopping done..praise God! I'm sorry, but I was laughing out loud at the thought of Carter's tantrum! I could just picture Henry doing the same thing some day :-/ Your new photos of Brynn are so cute! She is growing like a weed and I just wanna eat her up!

Amy B said...

Love that puma outfit!! I wrapped all of Addison's clothes (8 months) because she LOVES ripping off the paper (and trying to eat it).

Can't wait til first Christmas!

Audrey said...

Santa doesn't wrap at our house :)
We have a few things for Ace, but honestly it's for pictures. And, the fact that Ty will wonder why Ace was left out! Merry Christmas to ya'll!

Shan said...

look at you go!!
kuddos on the wine ;)

I think Santa will be leaving toys and whatnots by the stockings...I've run out of giftbags and paper to leave for him at the last minute! oops!

Larissa: said...

Good job! I just started our shopping yesterday! Ugh! I NEVER go this late! We're actually almost done though. We just have to get our own kids done. But like yours, mine are spoiled rotten so they aren't getting a ton from us. Which is ok!

We're (SANTA) is getting Lilly her 1st babydoll too! I can't decide on one. Originally I wanted to get her a plush doll with the rubber face, hands, and feet. But that Stella doll is SO CUTE!!

Too funny with Carter and that truck! I would have done the same :-)

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! Hope your mom feels better!

Shannon said...

we got the hess truck this year too! I'm anxious to hear how Carter likes it. I hope Owen likes his!!!

Cassey said...

Love your blog! My daughter, who just turned a year, got a Baby Stella last weekend from her Aunt and she loves it. Loves.It. Carries it around everywhere. I'm sure Brynn will love Baby Stella too.

Kristin said...

I say wrap some of the clothes but not all...no need really. The picture of Carter with the truck is too cute and so something Logan would do! I am done shopping and did all the wrapping Monday night...wishing it had included a glass (bottle) of wine....next year when wrapping for two! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

P.S. my cards were a hit! I was getting calls all weekend about how wonderful they are so thank you!!

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