14 December 2010


I'm back on Twitter. Kinda.

I opened a Twitter account over a year ago just to see what all the fuss was about. And, after a few months of playing around with it, I didn't really get what all the fuss was about and gave up.

Well, now I'm back.

If you're on Twitter, follow me and I'll follow you back. Maybe it will be a little more fun with a few more people to share it with.

See you there!

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sara said...

I keep wondering what the fuss is too. I just don't think I have that much to say!

molly said...

Dude, I promise the more people you follow, the more fun it is. If you don't follow people then you don't have anything in your twitter stream, which equals nothing to read!

Most the time, if you follow someone, they will follow you back! The reciprocation happens much more on twitter than in the blogging world. Plus, I find that following all my favorite bloggers gives me little insights into their world that I wouldn't get otherwise! It's a community! Supportive and informative!

BUT - I did join twice before and quit. Third times the charm, I guess :)

Now I love it more than facebook!

Kristy Villa said...

I just rejoined twitter again too. Maybe I'll like it better this time around.

Following you! And you can follow me back @kristyavilla, if you'd liked (:

Shan said...

wahoo!!!! *skips off to follow you*

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

following you as chascouponmom

Jill said...

I too created an account in the hopes I'd love it like everyone else does... not yet :) I'll follow you though and maybe that'll spice things up!!

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