06 July 2010

So, it's been 6 weeks...

So, it's been 6 weeks for Brynn:
Baby girl is changing so much everyday! I think she's looking more and more like her daddy, which I just love. She has the prettiest baby blue eyes, and I'm starting to wonder if she'll keep them {just like her big brother!} The funny thing is... Bob and I both have light brown eyes! How random would that be if we ended up with, not one, but TWO blue-eyed babies!? I know there is still plenty of time for her eye color to change, but her eyes just keep getting more and more... blue. We'll see!

Brynn is also starting to smile a lot more lately {not just in her sleep!} She'll listen to you and then "talk" back, coo and smile. Sigh... it melts my heart! I just love our conversations everyday and I look forward to our girl talk =)

Carter continues to adore his little sister. He hates when she gets upset and he runs over to fix her blanket, give her a paci, or kiss and hug her. I love that he is so gentle and loving towards her. He is such a wonderful big brother and she is so lucky to have him. I often catch the two of them just staring at each other while Carter talks to her. I could watch that for hours.

I recently took out the activity mat so that they could both play under it and it's just too cute to watch then lay there together! Of course, I have to sit right there because Carter gets a little too excited and tends to hit his sister in the head with the little mirror. Nice.

Brynn has her 2 month shots coming up, so that should be fun. But, what do you think would make that appointment even more exciting? Why having Carter's 2 year shots done at the same time, of course! That appointment will be scheduled for next week... a few days before Carter's 2nd birthday and age 7 weeks for Brynn {our pedi does the 2 moth shots between 6-8 weeks.}

I'm excited to see the stats for both of my babies, though I know they will be in the 90-100% in everything. I tried to weigh Brynn the other day on my mom's scale. My girl is {unofficially} close to 14lbs already. At 6 weeks. I'm not surprised, Carter weighed 15lbs at 7 weeks, so Brynn is about the same size!

She is currently wearing 3 month clothing, however I had a 6 month outfit on her this weekend and it fit perfectly! The 3 month stuff is getting a bit.... snug. Also, she's wearing size 2 diapers now. Again, at 6 weeks.

I heart big babies.

So, it's been 6 weeks for Jenni:

As I mentioned last week, I had my post-partum check up {at 5 weeks} and got the all clear to start exercising again. My weight at the appointment was exactly my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm using that as my starting point for my diet.

On July 1st, I started the 30-day shred. Whew... it's hard. But ya know what? It's getting easier everyday! Today is day 6 of the Shred and I try to get my workout in as soon as both kids are in for their afternoon naps. It only takes 20 minutes, but it's the longest 20 minutes ever, lol.

I don't own a scale {I really should buy one soon... I just have had to interest in seeing my weight everyday} but I did weigh myself at my mom's on day 4 of the Shred just to see if I had made any progress.

I gained a pound.


I know it's early, and I just keep telling myself that maybe I gained muscle ;) I'm sticking with it, no worries there! Level 2 starts on day 10, so I know it will be a bit harder at that point. I'm looking forward too it!

That's about it in Jenn world. Although I do have a rather interesting story to share with you tomorrow. It involves a firetruck and a rescue squad, so you may want to check back later.
Mom of the year, right here.

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Sara said...

Oh, no! You didn't lock her in the car with the keys did you?! I did...when Grace was two weeks old, but luckily the AC was on!

Gracie's eyes are blue and the only person on both sides of our families with blue eyes is my Dad so it is kind of random that she has them too and at almost a year old (in two weeks!!) I am sure they are here to stay!

Good luck with that doctor's appt! I had a similar appt with Jacob and Grace shortly after she was born and let me tell you. Trying to divide your attention between two screaming babies is tough! Bring reinforcements (Bob) if you have them!

MrsKBJ said...

Happy 6 weeks Brynn and Jenni! I love the 30 day shred. I want to start no more trouble zones soon!

Jeannie said...

The photos of Carter and Brynn together are so adorable. He looks like one happy big brother!

Kristy Villa said...

I love that dress - so darling!

I wouldn't stress too much about the 1 pound. Whats awesome is that you're getting back into working out right away. I had intentions, then I never did. My c-section pushed it back but still, I lost all the pregnancy weight immediately but then I gained it all back.

I'm starting to eat right and work out again, I'm thinking of getting the Jillian's 30 day shred. You would recommend it?

Unknown said...

I haven't been around in a WHILE, to say the least (because last time I was here, you were still walking around dilated and waiting for Brynn to make her grand appearance!). But I'm glad everything is going well with the whole family :)

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. And I so big already. I was happy when Brigham hit the 10 pound mark at 2 months, lol!

Can't wait to hear the fire truck story. Sounds interesting . . .

Larissa: said...

Where did you get that dress! OMG! She's so cute!!

I was thinking about starting the 30 day shred too! I definitely could use it... Good luck!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Sara- Yep, that's totally what happened!

Girls, I'm lovin the 30 day shred and I'd totally recommend it!

Also, we got Brynn's dress as a gift and it's from Osh Kosh =)

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