02 July 2010

Your Three Words


It's a nickname that I've called Carter since the day he was born. I think it's a fairly common nickname for a big baby boy. It just fits them {and all their rolls} so well.

Now, when you first read my 3 words this week, you may have assumed that I was referring to Carter. But I'm not.

I'm Bubba.

Yep, that's what Carter calls me. That's my name. I guess he just picked up the fact that I constantly call him Bubba, so he just started calling me Bubba too.

At first, I was confused... he knows that I'm "mommy." When anyone asks him to give something to mommy, point to mommy, or give mommy a hug, he immediately comes to me.

But he still calls me Bubba.

Even when he looks at pictures, he'll say "Dada, Baby Brynn, & Bubba."

Bob thinks he married a tattooed trucker wife, but I actually think it's kinda cute. =)

Hi, I'm Bubba. Just like my baby boy.

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Becky said...

That is soooo cute!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG, I love that he calls you Bubba too!

Lacey said...

aaahhhhh! My boy's nickname is Bubba too! I actually posted a blog about how he ended up with that nickname. So sweet.

I love that he's calling you Bubba too. It's sweet and he knows it.

Suzanne said...

I've called my sister's boys bubba/bubs/bubby since they were born. I think it's a wonderful term of endearment!

Jessica Warrick said...

haha that is so cute.. He calls you bubba.. my son calls daddy ma.. so he always says im daddy not ma and it never fails munchkin calls daddy ma.

Lori said...

Bubba is such a cute nickname... both for you and your little man (who is absolutely gorgeous, by the way)

I'm a new follower from Top Baby Blogs :)


Shan said...

lol I've called Owen Bubba as well! Must be something about these big baby boys who've wrapped us around their tiny little fingers and toes.

Anonymous said...

You already know this but Bubba is what we call Landon too. I don't know why. We brought him home from the hospital and bam, we called him Bubba and it stuck from day one. We still call him that even though he's two.

That's cute that Carter calls you Bubba in return. I'm just mama ;)

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