17 April 2010

Y3W...and other random things.

You may {or may not} have noticed that I've been somewhat MIA this week. Truth is... I've been down the shore, in Atlantic City, since Wednesday morning for a work conference. Our "Freshman Outreach" submission from Salt Lake City was chosen again for this AC conference, therefore we were asked to present our ideas again to other university administrators, faculty members, and academic advisors from around the region.

This conference was larger then SLC, so I was a little nervous to present in front of everyone... espcially with this massive belly... but I'm happy to report that it went SO well! We got excellent evaluations, and a few of them even included well wishes for the baby, lol.

I was a little home sick and slept like complete crap both nights I stayed at the hotel. I missed Carter and Bob like crazy, but thankfully Bob made the trip down to AC on Thursday night. It was nice to go out to dinner and have some alone time together...especially since our kid population is about to double in just 4 short weeks. Yes, FOUR {I'm 34 weeks today, ahhhhh.} And because my presentation was first thing Friday morning, Bob got to come and see it! Exciting stuff for him, I'm sure ;)

We had big plans to go out to lunch and do some outlet shopping before coming home on Friday, but I just couldn't do it. Well, we did make time for lunch at PF Changs, but after that, I just couldn't do it. ;) I missed Carter so much that I just wanted to go home.

Best. Decision. Ever.

In other news, I'm heading back down to Atlantic City again tonight. Craziness.

About two months ago, we purchased tickets to The Fray concert at the Borgata in AC and I am SO excited to finally get to see them in person!! I'm a HUGE Fray fan {you can search through my playlist below to listen to a few of my favorite songs that they sing} and we also have plans to head to a nice dinner before the concert. =)

It should be a very fun night... I just hope that I can stay up for it all. I see an 8pm coffee in my future...

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heather@actingbalanced.com said...

glad the conference went well... hope the concert is great too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job at the conference. I'm a weirdo and actually like presenting/speaking in front of people :)

Have fun at The Fray concert. I <3 them too!

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