20 April 2010

34 Weeks

Well, I think I hit the wall. You know... the point in your pregnancy where you've felt just fine until you woke up one morning and said "I'm done." Yeah... I hit it. It happened yesterday.

Up until yesterday, I've actually felt good! I had no problems walking around Atlantic City last week at the conference or even going to The Fray concert on Saturday night {which was awesome, by the way!} But yesterday morning, when I woke up... I hurt. Everywhere. My belly was killing me all day. It actually felt like it was stretched to the max and it couldn't be stretched anymore {which, I realize, it's going to be.}

From the top of my ribs, my belly was pulling down all day. I couldn't eat. I couldn't relax at all. I felt cranky because of it...

How can I feel like this already? I'm only 34 weeks {with a 39 week belly.} I have at least 4 weeks to go {okay 3 weeks from Friday, but who's counting?}

Then someone in my office said "I think you dropped." Hmmm, really? I felt like I looked exactly the same. I wasn't waddling yet and I certainly didn't feel like she was going to fall out {which is how I felt when Carter dropped.} I felt.... fine {minus the fact that I wanted to tear my belly off.}

On the way home from work yesterday, we had to stop at my parents house and what do you think were the first words out of my mom's mouth? "You dropped."

Maybe that's why my belly was hurting so bad yesterday? I don't really feel much lower, but my belly doesn't ache as much today as it did yesterday. Here's to hoping it starts feeling better because I really don't think I can feel like I did yesterday for 4 more weeks {okay 3 weeks from Friday, but who's counting?}

Pregnancy: 34 weeks {belly pic taken at 34w0d}

Weight Gain: 19 pounds total

Sleep: This last week has been horrible, but that's mostly because I did not sleep AT ALL in the hotel while I was in Atlantic City for 3 days. It was awful. Then I felt like I couldn't really do anything over the weekend because I was still catching up on sleep!

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: See above.

Health: BP is starting to rise. Reflux is still awful. But my weight is good. =)

Movement: I've noticed that she's starting to really slow down. I'm assuming it's because she's running out of room in there!

Belly: Measuring 5 weeks ahead. No stretch marks {yet} and very light linea negra.

Next Appointment: Thursday, April 29th at 35w5d. A second growth ultrasound will be given right before my appointment.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be honest...your belly looks painful. Hang in there mama.

Nicole Marie said...

WOW. Just kidding. But hold in there. I hit that wall at the same time. You look ready.

Jeannie said...

You poor thing...I remember hitting that point too! Hang in there; only a few more weeks!!

Suzanne said...

I've hit that wall and I feel like I keep running into it every morning. I'm just SO done with being pregnant.

Shaun said...

You look amazing!!! I definitely hit that wall too...but you've got a countdown going, which is ALWAYS helpful - and this makes your baby a Friday baby too, right?!

The Vronko Family! said...

Hope you feel better, you look great! Where did you get your shirt?!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kristal- thanks for your honesty, lol. I'm serious... b/c I think it looks painful too!

@ Shaun- I'm going to start one! I've had one for her EDD of course, but the induction countdown would sounds much more appealing right about now. I wish I knew what day it would take place!!

If it's the 14th or the 21st then it would be a Friday...but I don't know what days my doc is on call!!!

@ Vronko- It's an "Oh Baby" brand shirt that I found at Kohl's (and I NEVER find anything there!) I love it but I think it's one wash away from no longer fitting me, lol.

christine52078 said...

So funny you wrote that a coworker of yours said that you "dropped". Before I even read your post, and just saw your picture, I thought the same thing! Hope you feel more comfortable the next few weeks :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so done too, Jenni! My spine is going to snap! We can do it, girl. We can do it!!!

grammy brenda said...

honey, you look absolutely beautiful! and I love your preggie shirt!!!

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