05 March 2010

Your Three Words

Sad, isn't it? We're getting all excited over 50 degree temperatures? Hell, I think we're getting all excited over actually seeing the SUN.

Let's see... just a few things I'll be doing this weekend:
Getting a pedicure.
Wearing flip flops.
Going to Rita's.
Washing my car.
Driving around with my windows down.
Taking Carter for a walk in his wagon.
Letting him ride his new bike around.
Opening every single window in our house.

I was watching the news the other day, and the weatherman {let's here it for Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz, Philly ;} was saying that the city was hit with 52.5" of snow in the month of February. Fifty-two and a half inches. That is madness. Want to know what the average snowfall is in Philadelphia for the month of February?

6.6 inches.

Yep. Put's our excitement into perspective, doesn't it? ;)

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J-Berg said...

I am so excited for Rita's. The one near me opens today. I might just have to make a stop over lunch today :)

danielle said...

Wait, Rita's is open? I thought they didn't open till March 20th, first day of Spring. If that's the case around here, I'll be making multiple stops this weekend ;) Can I get a AMEN?

jenni from the blog said...

Rita's usually opens around March 1st, but everyone thinks they opent he first day of spring because that's when they give away the free water ice =)

Check out your local Rita's people!!! I'm about to raid all the mango water ice in the area though, so watch out ;)

Steph said...

Mine opened yesterday!

Jeannie said...

Sad...I don't think there is a Rita's near me in Mpls :-( I am totally enjoying this weather here too. I actually walked into work this morning w/o my coat on! It was fabulous!

Leanne said...

Enjoy your sunny weekend! We are enjoying the heat wave, too! I am SO happy about that!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your heat wave ;) I know we're enjoying ours!

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