08 March 2010

Change of {nursery} plans...


So we got a lot done in the nursery yesterday. Bob installed the closet organizer and it looks fabulous! We also finished the stripes on the wall. Sort of.

We couldn't decided if we wanted 8 inch or 12 inch stripes, so we decided on 10 inch =) It was perfect. I went around the room and measured everything out... I drew the chair rail height around the room and then decided where we should start with the stripes. Once we figured that out, I went around and marked out 10 inches and used a level to draw the vertical lines on the wall. This process took all of about 45 minutes. I was surprised out how fast it went.

Next, we had to decide which stripes we wanted to paint and which stripes we wanted to leave. I then went around the room and put an "X" on the stripes we decided to paint.

Then came the taping. The dreaded taping.

I've already mentioned how much I loathe taping, so I decided to just get it done and over with instead of putting it off until after my lunch break.

I used my hunger to keep me motivated. It worked.

Taping was so easy. Because the straight lines were already on the wall, all I had to do was guide the tape down and make sure it was straight. It was so much easier then I ever thought and hoped it would be. I think it took me 20 minutes to tape everything out.

Never underestimate the speediness of a hungry pregnant woman, I guess.

Here are the results.

Don't be jealous of my candy cane pajama pants.
The stripes all taped out around the room...
The next step was painting. Because we only had to paint every other stripe, it literally took all of about 10 minutes. We then put a second coat on an hour later and we weren't thrilled with the results. Because the paint color is so light to begin with, the "subtle stripe" look that I was going for was a little too.... subtle.

Then came the first "change of plans"... we decided to make the stripes a tad darker. No, I didn't untape everything, so the hard part is done. I'm going to head to Home Depot tonight and buy the paint that is one or two shades darker then the "Sterling" gray color that's on the walls now. I think it will end up looking awesome. At least that's what I hope! I'll take pictures tonight after I paint!! =)

So the next big "change of plans" that I decided over the weekend was the bedding. I changed it.

As much as I absolutely LOVE the Sophia Bedding Collection, {and I mean love} I just could not justify the cost. With accessories and bedding, it would have been well over $400. For baby bedding. I just couldn't press the "buy now" button.

So, here's what I decided. I already purchased the lampshade during my shopping spree last week, and my sister, Kristi, called me up and said she wanted to buy the rest of the accessories for her new Goddaughter. OMG! I was so excited. We went through together and ordered everything online on Friday. YAY!!!

That same day, my friend, Mary, also emailed me and mentioned that she saw similar black and white damask baby bedding on the Baby Cheapskate Blog that seemed to match my nursery perfectly. And did it ever! I went and checked it out and I just could not pass up the cuteness and the cost. For the 4 piece bedding set it was $80.

Eighty dollars.

For everything.

So we're doing a mix and match nursery now. All of the accessories were purchased from the Sophia Collection, but I bought this bedding for baby girl:
I plan to put the Sophia Collection hot pink sheet on the bed and just use the bumper and crib skirt for now. I'll put the matching Damask quilt on the back of the glider with the "Brynn" pillow. I think/hope it will look fab, but I can't wait to see it all come together.

Yes, I realize that the damask prints on the new bedding compared to the Sophia Collection accessories are the opposite colors {new bedding is black with white, while the accessories are white with black} but I think that will look kinda neat. Different. I like different.

Also, a trip to Ikea is planned for next weekend so that I can buy some shelving and these two items:

I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

I love the changes! I prefer the mix and match look to a whole set anyway, so I think that worked out in your favor. And I had the same problem with the sheen stripes not showing up, which is why I ended up repainting Isaac's nursery at 37 weeks. :)

Meredith said...

I think the new bedding is adorable!

Can't wait to see how the stripes turn out...

your sister (the cooler one) said...

loves it.

Shan said...

it'll look fantastic! I can't wait to see her chic little room!!

Suzanne said...

LOVE the chadelier!

Mary said...

I love it - it's going to come together perfectly! So glad I could help :)

Mary said...

Oh - and add me to your bloglist - nothing exciting, but whatever :) http://mikeandmarym.blogspot.com/

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks girls!!

@ Mary- You're added =) I'm now a follower too!

Suzanne said...

Oh, and I like this bedding better than the Sophia collection. I like that pink will be a more subtle accent this way. I know you're not too much on the super pink!

Anonymous said...

I like the new bedding. The bedding I like is way too expensive and I couldn't justify it either. So when the time comes we'll probably mix and match too. Love that chandelier. Do you think I could get away with that for a boy? Just kidding, of course ;)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Molly- Absolutely! And it's super cheap (less then $30!!) I'd buy it for that reason alone, lol.

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