03 March 2010

Shopping Spree

That's right... I set aside some money this month and went on a little shopping spree. But I really stuck to the budget and used gift cards, coupons, and online shopping codes to get the best deals that I possibly could. I ended up only going $5 over budget!

First, let me tell you what I got. Then I'll tell you what I spent. =)

Wall Letters:
I wanted Brynn to have her name in her room, but I didn't want to do the standard wooden wall letters that Carter has. After searching high and low, and talking to a few people, I decided to do Alphabet Photography. I purchased her name in the letters that I loved {they let you choose!} and plan to put them in 5 separate black-matted frames above her crib.
Babies R' Us:
I picked up a few BRU essentials for baby girl, including:
-White Breathable Bumper {for when baby girl can move around in her crib}
-Changing Pad
-Black & White Fleece Blanket
-Present for Bob {that I'll share later!}

Sophia Collection:
From her bedding collection, I planned to buy the lampshade {I'm using a lamp I already have} and the 2 valences, but they didn't have them in stock at the moment. So I just picked up the lampshade for now. I'm still saving for the bedding!
Sigh. I love this rug from Anthropology. I can't wait to see it in person.
I bought the 18" chandelier wall decal from Wall Slicks. I absolutely can not wait to see how this looks above her crib. Ahhhh!

Changing Pad Cover:
I bought a Demask pattered changing pad cover that will {obviously} go on the changing pad on her dresser. After searching high and low, I got the best deal off an Ebay shop.
I'm feeling so accomplished this week... I like it.

Okay, so my budget for all of this stuff was $150. Yep, that's it.

Like I said, I used some gift cards and coupons towards items and only went $5 over. Here's what it cost:

Wall letters: $30 {no savings}
Babies R Us: $41.50 {down from $116.50: I used $75 worth of gift cards + free shipping}
Lampshade: $14 {down from $31.50: I used a coupon code + free shipping}
Rug: $25 {down from $98: 25% off Thanks Erin!! + $50 gift card}
Chandelier: $22 {no savings}
Demask Pad Cover: $22.50 {down from $36.50: shopped around + free shipping}

Total: $155


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Sarah said...

I love everything! I can't wait to see it all come together. It's going to be gorgeous.

Shan said...

loving the wall letters!! So happy that you found that site useful - and can't wait to see what they look like over her crib!

Bug's will be a secret until he's born, unfortuantely :(

Mommy Moreno said...

FUN!! Love it!

Random Question: Are you getting the car seat adapter for the City Mini Dbl? (Or did you?)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Moreno- Yes, I think so. We have a Chicco car seat and the adapter for that doesn't come out until this spring, so we'll decide later. I'm thinking we will, though.

Mrs.M said...

YAY! I'm posting! :0) Follow me sister!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Holly- DONE!

staci said...

I love those wall letters and can't wait to see the room together! I saw a chandelier stick-on just like that at Target last week. It even had little rhinestone stick ons. Not sure if you saw that or not. It's all going to be adorable!

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