09 March 2010

28 weeks

Could I possibly have 10 weeks to go? I know it's technically 12, but I can't help but think that I will go early again this time. That's just crazy to me. Will it really be mid-May in just 10 short weeks?

As we progress on Brynn's room and slowly make our purchases as we prepare to bring her home, I can't help but feel more and more excited to meet her. I feel more ready then ever, which just makes me smile.

I keep dreaming about her. The past few night's it's been about her delivery and both times it was a very fast and "easy" one. {I sure do hope dreams come true.}

I wonder who she will look like. I can't help but picture a little mini-Carter again, but maybe she'll surprise us and come out with brown hair and brown eyes. I don't think so though... I picture another little blondie but with brown eyes. Sigh. =)

Whatever she looks like, I'm sure she'll be adorable. {As her mother, I say that in the most unbiased way possible.}

Pregnancy: 28 weeks {belly pic taken at 28w0d}

Weight Gain: 12 pounds total.

Sleep: I have been so tired lately. I think baby girl is going through a growth spurt and sucking out all my energy. This past weekend, I took two naps.

I don't nap.

Granted, it was a busy weekend... we had 2 parties on Saturday and then worked on the nursery all day Sunday... but still. Two naps? That's outrageous to me! I've also been going to bed at the same time as Carter every night and still can't wake up in the morning. I feel like I'm in 1st tri again.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Really good, still. I feel like baby girl is much lower then Carter. He was always up in my throat, but I often feel Brynn down really low. Even my belly is lower this time. My OB said that this is very common with your second because your stomach muscles aren't as strong as they were when you were pregnant with your first baby. Makes sense... I mean Carter WAS a monster baby.

Health: Everything looks good as of my last appointment. My swelling has started however. I officially had to remove my wedding rings on Saturday {post to come.} Reflux is still awful, but certainly bearable.

Movement: I think she's trying to break out of my stomach through my belly button. Ouch.

Belly: No stretch marks and I honestly don't even see my linea negra anymore. Hmm. I'll take it!

Next Appointment: Thursday, March 18th at 29w5d. Then my 2 weeks appointments begin!

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Katrina said...

So exciting! Baby belly's always make me smile. I love the name you chose for her. It's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenni, you look so great! I hope the swelling and blood pressure stay down. I'm excited to "meet" her soon too. SOON is right. 10 weeks . . . I'm getting really excited. And you'll be excited to know that I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy the same double stroller as you. I just can't find one I like better.

p.s. Every time I come to your blog I have to hurry up and turn off the sound so I don't get the lump in my throat from the song Capri ;) Darn hormones!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Katrina- Aww, thanks!

@ Molly- Sorry... the song is soooo pretty, isn't it!?!

I'm so glad you're getting that stroller too. It's amazing and totally worth it, IMO. =)

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