03 February 2010

LOST Recap

I've been running around like a crazy person all morning, so I really don't have the time I really want/need in order to fully commit to my recap. I will say that I'm still not sure how I felt about the show. Parallel universe? Kinda predictable. I guess that's what needs to be done though. I'm wondering how they will bring it all together {will their worlds collide?} I'm excited to find out.

I do have to admit to you that this pregnancy has really impacted my ability to stay up until 11pm, for any reason... especially to watch LOST.

I always DVR the show and then start watching my DVR'd version 15 minutes later for every hour that the show is on. Because last night was from 8-11pm and was 3 hours long, I should have technically started watching it at 8:45pm. Yeah... I couldn't wait that long. By 8:30 I was getting restless and had to start it. Which means that by 10:30ish I caught up to "real time" and could no longer fast forward through the commercials. Well that just put me over the edge.

I fell asleep.

I did. I'm embarrassed to admit it. So when I woke up at 10:55pm, I had to rewind to where I last remember seeing it and watch from there.

I fell asleep again.

Yep, it's the truth. So, to sum it up... it took me 25 minutes and FOUR tries {yes, I fell asleep 4 times} to watch the last 10 minutes of the show. But I did get through it.

But back to the recap....

Okay, like I said, I don't have time to commit to a full recap, but I will tell you my thoughts on the show last night.
  • I think Jacob is now Sayid. That's why Jacob sent Hurley to the Temple.
  • I think the new "others" {The Temple Dwellers?} and Richard were from the Black Rock. And that water is keeping them from aging.
  • That might explain why Fake Locke {Flocke} came straight out of the statue and punched Richard as soon as he saw him. He also said "it's good to see you without your chains, Richard" which leads me to believe that Richard came over on the Black Rock. {Remember when Jacob and his Nemesis were sitting on the beach watching the Black Rock come to the island... Jacob seemed glad they were coming, while the Nemesis did not. Hence him punching Richard.}
  • Jacob is the leader of the Temple Dwellers.
  • I think that the paper the Temple Dwellers read had a list of everyone that Jacob had spoken too/touched before. That's why they asked everyone for their name {to compare it to the names on the list. We all know Jacob likes making lists.}
  • I think that Sawyer will try to go get Juliet and put her in that water. Not sure if this will work though because technically Sayid was still alive when he went in. Maybe it just saves lives, it doesn't bring people back??
  • Clearly Flocke is the smoke monster and Jacob's nemesis/ the man in black. He tells Ben "I'm sorry you had to see me that way."
  • I think that the island never existing from 1977 on, has obviously altered the lives of the people on the plane. Let's see....
  1. Hurley now considers himself "lucky"
  2. Shannon never got on the plane... she stayed with her boyfriend.
  3. Desmond was on the plane. {Perhaps Jack recognized him from running on the steps. Although at that point, Desmond was training for sailing around the world which he may have never done?? He certainly would never have been stuck on the island because it didn't exist past 1977.}
  4. Walt & Michael? Where were they?
  • I'm not sure how they're going to work in Christian's body never getting on the plane.
  • I think they are hinting to the fact that the Oceanic crew will be intertwined regardless of if the plane crashes. {i.e. Jack gives Locke his card to fix his spine/ Kate and Claire end up in the same cab leaving the airport, etc.} I'm interested to see how the "2004/plane never crashed" scenarios play out.
  • Then there's the whole thought process of what does and does not exist now that the island blew up in 1977?? For example: if Ben was on the island as a young lad in 1977, then he would have died when the bomb went off, right? Meaning that in this alternate/parallel universe that is 2004, Ben would no longer exist. It hurts my head just thinking about all the possibilities.
And after writing this entire recap, you know what I got out of it? I can't spell Nemesis.

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MrsKBJ said...

I love reading your Lost recaps :O)

I didn't even think of Jacob using Sayid's body! I think you are going to be right!! I can't wait to see how everything plays out.

I also Tivo it, I hate commercials. I think I started watching at around 8:30 too. I was coming home from my woman's bible study, so if I was home it would be hard not to watch.

I like Richard, I hope he is going to be ok!

I also think we haven't seen the last of Juilet! :O)

Thanks for sharing your LOST thoughts. My husband doesn't love the show and no of my friends watch!! So I will look forward to "chatting" with you :O)
Enjoy the rest of the week!!

Team Davis said...

This is the first time I have been reading your blog during the LOST season and I am LOVING your recap!

I never thought about Jacob being in Sayid's body either but it sounds about right to me.

I can't even begin to understand why they are in some parallel universe now but I hope that gets answered quickly.

I hope they bring back Juliet somehow as well..I actually felt really sorry for Sawyer last night.

Question: If the bomb blew up the island and it doesn't exist after 1977, then when are they now? When are they in the temple and when does Sayid's body become Jacob? I thought all that was happening in 2004? I'm very confused...as usual. :)

Do you take notes during the show? How in the world do you remember all of this the next day? I couldn't remember half of this until I read your re-cap. lol

jenni from the blog said...

@ KBJ- Oh, I love Richard too. I'm sure he'll be just fine. He's VERY important to the show, obviously!

Everyone I work with watches it, so we all talk about it the next day... it's so fun!

@ Davis- After talking to a few people, it seems as though Juliet is gone... she's on a new show now {"V"?} so she'll probably just appear in flashbacks and stuff now. Boo.

Okay... you ready for this: In the one version of them on the island after the bomb blows up, it sets them back into "real time" for them which is 2007. In that universe, the bomb blowing up did nothing. It just set them back to where they are suppose to be {where Sun and Ben and Locke are}.

The parallel universe that "worked" and set it up so the island doesn't exist from 1977 and after, puts everyone back on the original flight in 2004. That's when the show started and the original Oceanic 815 flight left Sydney.

So the Temple/island stuff is 2007. And the bomb blowing up in 1977 and putting them back on the plane is 2004.

Wow... I can see why people think LOST fans are annoying, lol.

Team Davis said...

Ohhhhhhh! See....why can't they just say that?? lol I feel like they are getting more complicated during this last season instead of less complicated...why am I surprised? :)

Thanks for the explaination. I'll check back next week for details on more stuff I didn't get while watching the show. haha

MrsKBJ said...

Gosh, I am going to miss LOST so much when it is over. I might have to rent them to watch again and catch all the little details I missed. I went on the abc LOST chat forum a couple of times and there are so many interesting predictions and theories on there!! lol!

I was wonderfing if you take notes too Jenni! Your office sounds like it is so much fun! Before I became a stay at home mom, I working in a dental office and if didn't even feel like work, we had so much FUN!

I can across this You tube video, I thought you ladies might enjoy! :O)

"See" you ladies next week!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kelly- I have to go check it out!!

Nope, no notes... I'm just completely obsessed while I watch, lol.

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