20 January 2010

21 weeks

While looking through The Belly Book {which I highly recommend!!!!} I made while pregnant with Carter, I noticed that I was wearing the same exact shirt in his 21 week picture that I wore yesterday to work... at 21 weeks. I decided it would be fun to take a belly pic of me wearing that shirt and do a little side-by-side belly comparison:
Although I think the shape of my belly is identical, {pffft... old wives tales!} it's definitely bigger this time around, with Brynn. It's a bit higher already and it's sticking out a lot more! What do you think!?!

Okay, let's get to it...

Pregnancy: 21 weeks {belly pic taken at 21w3d}

Weight Gain: Up 5 so far, but that WILL change today. I'm scared.

Sleep: Carter has been sleeping a little bit better at night, which means that I have too. My problem is not waking up in the middle of the night, or even trying to get Carter back to sleep... it's my inability to fall back asleep.

Last night, for example, Carter woke up at 3:45am. I went to his room to make sure he was okay, held him for about 5 minutes, gave him an extra hug and kiss, then put him back in his crib. He cried for about 30 seconds and went back to sleep. {And he was still sleeping this morning as I left for work.} I got back into bed about 3:55am and then proceeded to toss and turn {and kick Bob once or twice for grinding his teeth :::shudders:::} until about 5:45am, which is the last time I looked at the clock. My alarm went off at 6:02.

I might fall asleep sitting up.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: I still feel great. I've been feeling a lot bigger {belly wise} lately and my ribs hurt at night. But I'm trying to remember that I still have a long way to go and I'm only going to get BIGGER.

Health: I've been stressing about everything lately, so I hope that it's not affecting my blood pressure. I have an appt today, so we'll see. Other then that, Zantac is still my BFF.

Movement: She's a crazy kid... just like her brother. What I didn't mention about waking up in the middle of the night last night, was that as soon as Carter fell asleep, Brynn woke up. And she was moving around like crazy for the entire 2 hours that I tossed and turned.

Party at 4am, Brynn style!

Belly: I was at dinner on Saturday night, and I could see my belly button through my shirt. It's all out there now, I guess! Still no stretch marks {yet!} and the linea nigra is a bit darker this week, but still very faint and low on my belly.

Next Appointment: Today at 21w4d


Anonymous said...

I agree about your belly - same shape, but it's higher and a bit bigger. Not that much bigger though! Your growth has definitely slowed down.

I'm sure you have your own remedies for the rib pain, but it always helped me to put a heating pad on them at night. It really relieved the pain so I could sleep.

Jill said...

Whether you think you are bigger or not, you look great! I think that it's great that you're wearing the same shirt during the same parts of your pregnancy. I've seen some women that have done that but are serveral weeks earlier in the 2nd picture and feel big.

You look awesome!

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