19 January 2010

Brynn's Nursery

Before I even became pregnant, I had visions of a baby girl's nursery. I saw the perfect black & white damask bedding with hints of hot pink. I saw gray walls and black furniture. I saw chic wall hangings and cool mirrors. I saw at least one picture on the wall drawn by my SIL, Brianna. I saw the perfect little room for a baby girl. One that she could grow into.

When I found out we were pregnant and indeed having a baby girl, I started searching high and low for the room that I had pictured for her. I found a few things that came close, but nothing that I would consider "perfect." I was just about to settle on a bedding set and even started planning out new ideas based on that set until a few weeks ago when I saw it. The set that I had envisioned for years. The perfect bedding for my little girl.

First, I'll post the idea board that I created {albeit, poorly} so that I could keep track of all of the ideas for her room. It's the first one I've ever made and it needs a lot of work, but you'll get the general idea, and that's all that matters to me ;)
Okay, so let's discuss this.

The Walls:
The walls in the guest room are already a very pretty and soft neutral gray color called "Sterling" by Behr. As of right now, I don't think we'll need to repaint the room, since we painted it around the same time we were working on Carter's nursery. Once we get the furniture and bedding in there, we can reassess and see if there is a need to change the room color. For now, I think it will be perfect.

The Furniture:
When trying to decide what we will need for the baby, we briefly considered buying Carter a toddler bed and then moving the nursery furniture over to the new room or even giving Carter the new room and repainting the nursery for this baby. I say "briefly" because it didn't take us long to realize that Carter is just not ready to be in a toddler bed. He loves his crib. He loves his room. He's already going to be hit with a huge life-altering event {the birth of his sister} so I didn't want him to feel like he was being kicked out of his room. I know he's only 18 months... but I didn't want my baby to feel like he was being replaced. Not only that, but he is seriously not ready for a "big boy" bed. He is just fine in his trap er, cage um, crib, thank you very much. And we can convert his crib into a toddler bed as soon as I'm he's ready!

So then came the decision of the furniture.

First, how will we pay for it? A pretty important step, if you ask me. Bob and I asked for Babies R Us gift cards for Christmas {on top of saving all our extra money!} so that we could start purchasing all of the things needed for a second baby {and a second nursery!} Then came the wonderful surprise from my in-laws. They want to buy the furniture for the new baby's room. Are you kidding? My parents bought the furniture in Carter's room, and now this!?! We are so lucky to have such wonderful and generous parents. So lucky.

Back to planning... I wanted it to be different from Carter's room, so that they could each have their own space. I'm not a huge fan of white nursery furniture {though I love some baby rooms with white furniture, don't get me wrong} I just really wanted something different. Black. Black would be perfect and would match my dream nursery perfectly.

Do you know how hard it is to find black nursery furniture? It's hard. There's not a lot of choices out there, that's for sure. Not only that, but since the closet in {what is soon to be} Brynn's room is tiny, I was really looking for a set that had a matching armoire. Yeah right. There's nothing. Nothing. So here's what we decided on...

Da Vinci Kalani Crib in Ebony Black

I love this crib and it looks beautiful as both a toddler bed and a double bed. I wasn't a huge fan of the matching dresser and changer that went with this set, so I kept looking. And found these beauties...

Delta SoHo 5-drawer Dresser in Black

Delta SoHo Dresser/Changer Combo in Black
Aren't they gorgeous!?!? No, there's no armoire, but I think she'll have plenty of room for all of her stuff! I'll just need to figure out how I want to organize everything.

The Bedding:
Oh, this bedding. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's just gorgeous! After searching high and low and on every possible baby website and store that you can imagine, a friend showed me this bedding on Ebay. EBAY! It's a very reputable Ebay store that makes custom baby bedding and it's just gorgeous! And just look at the name of it... it's a sign that I must buy this bedding ;) So, without further ado....

The Sophia Bedding Collection
Here is the matching valance that I plan to put on the 2 windows in her room... {the color looks a bit off, but it's the same, I promise!}
Adorable lamp shade....
And the embroidered pillow that comes personalized with her name!! So CUTE! I plan to put this on the glider in her room... {again, the color looks "off" but it matches the set!}
So that's the gorgeous bedding. I love it! Time to start saving for it!

The Accessories:
Now that we have the bedding and furniture picked out, it's time to start talking details. Like I previously mentioned, the awesome glider that we got for Carter will be moved into Brynn's room. Also, my SIL, Brianna, gave us four BEAUTIFUL drawings for Christmas that we just adore. She is simply amazing. We plan to hang those 4 pictures next to each other above the dresser/changer table. The matching lamp shade will go on an adorable lamp base that I found at Target. And we will be purchasing a new changing pad for Brynn's dresser with this, absolutely perfect, damask changing pad cover:
I love it and I think it will look awesome on the black dresser!

The next thing I wanted to look for was a rug. We have hardwood floors in every room in the house, so I wanted a small area rub for in front of either the crib or dresser/changer to break up the wood a bit. I searched high and low for a rug that was black and white, but that was NOT damask. I found this at Anthropology, which comes through for me time after time ;)

Whorled Trapunto Rug in Charcoal
And you can't just buy one thing at Anthro, so I found this adorable wire initial hook for the small wall next to her door... in a "B" of course ;)
Speaking of the walls... I'll likely put something with her name directly above the crib. I haven't decided exactly what I want yet {perhaps name blocks or canvas, or maybe even hanging frames with fabric and letters... I'm still not sure!} But what I do know, is this wall decal of a black chandelier is a MUST. This will go over the right side of her crib {her crib will be in the corner, wall letters will go directly above and this chandelier decal will go above, but to the right}... it's the coolest thing ever!

High Style Chandelier

Sigh. I love it! Speaking of love, how cool is this mirror {from Target!} for above the 5-drawer dresser!?!

So there you have it. Brynn's Nursery so far. I have a lot more ideas and I really can't wait to get started on it! Let me know what you think!!! =)


Steph said...

Love it! You are going to have to pick out all of my stuff for the next one.

Anonymous said...

I love it all! The black furniture, the bedding, the rug, the decal - it's all awesome. I can't wait to see it all come together! And I'm excited to see the drawings your SIL made you. She did a great job on Carter's name, so I'm sure the drawings are gorgeous.

Crystal said...

LOVE. Love. LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all wonderful! I love black with pink! We are most likely using gray in some fashion for B's room (when he finally has a room).

Brynn will LOVE her room!! She's a lucky lil' lady!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's GORGEOUS!!!!!

Sarah said...

Can you please come and decorate our nursery?? PLEASE? I love everything about it.

Jeannie said...

Her nursery is going to look so fabulous!!! You have such great taste and great ideas! I also love the fact that you are going to give them each their own space :-)

MrsKBJ said...

I love it all! Can't wait to see it all put together!

Brooke said...

Wow!! Brynn is going to have a very stylish nursery! It's awesome! LOVE EVERYTHING.

P.S. Glad everything went well at her ultrasound!!!

Moorhouse said...

did you know Connor's nursery is B&W - and our glider is lime green since we didn't know Boy or Girl but I love b&w! Plus those are the very first colors babies see (allegedly)! love it.

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Love it! Can't wait to see it all put together! Brynn is going to have one chic room! :o)

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