21 January 2010

The Second-Time Mom

Last week, I posted a list of my favorite baby items that I used with Carter. I will, of course, be using 99% of those items again this time: infant carrier/car seat, bouncer, swing, highchair, pack-n-play, glider, ottoman, video monitor, Angelcare monitor, etc.

But, like any second time mom can tell you: with an additional baby in the house, comes...well, additional baby stuff.

With my mama brain, I knew I had to keep track of everything that we needed somehow or another, so what I decided to do was to create a "Wish List" at Babies R Us. This is similar to a registry in that you can select items online that you love and save them in your wish list, however it differs from a registry in one BIG, very important way: you can make it private. This was something that was very important to me because this is my second child and I didn't want to have a registry again. But, on the other hand, I also needed a way to keep track of our baby needs now more than ever...let's be honest:

mama brain + pregnancy brain =
very little brain power left to speak in complete sentences by 6pm

So here it is. My list of items that we plan to buy for baby girl. The item name is a link, so if you're interested in it, click it and happy shopping =)

Da Vinici Kalani Crib in Ebony Black: Like I mentioned in Brynn's Nursery post, we plan to buy new nursery furniture for this baby. I wanted something different from Carter's room, so we are going with black furniture which I think will look beautiful in her room!

Delta SoHo Dresser/Changer: I love the look of this drawer and it will match perfectly with the style of room that we're going with!

Delta SoHo 5-Drawer Dresser: With the limited closet space in her room, one dresser is just not going to cut it ;)

Sophia Bedding: LOVE. This is exactly what we were looking for and I just love that it comes with a matching pillow that will be embroidered with her name. It will look perfect on the glider!

Sophia Lampshade: Perfect accent for the little lamp we have for her dresser.

Sophia Valance: Obviously, they'll be for the 2 windows in her room =)

Damask Changing Pad Cover: The perfect cover for her room!

Changing Pad: We still use Carter's changing pad, especially after bath time, so we'll definitely need to buy a new changing pad for her dresser.

Crib Mattress: Because {obviously} Carter still needs his.

Breathable Bumper: I love the matching bumper for both Carter and Brynn's bedroom sets, but once they start really moving around in their crib, I just feel better with a breathable bumper on there. So we will use the matching bumper for a few months until she starts sleeping like a crazy person {like her mom and brother.}

Accessories for the room: mirrors, decor for the wall, etc. You can see everything {with links} here.

Miscellaneous Items:
Onsies {even though I love Carter dearly, I'd never reuse his onsies for Brynn!}
More Dr. Brown's nipples {in various flows}
Boppy Cover
Extra sheets

Diaper Bag:
Okay this is were my indecisiveness comes in, so I'd love to hear from mom's of 2 or more on what diaper bags they have and/or recommend. I want something that isn't too big, but big enough to fit diapers/wipes for both babies, bottles, extra clothes for both babies, etc. Here are a few that I have my eye on:

JJ Cole Mode Bag: This is cute and seems to fit my requirements perfectly with the added bonus that it's not expensive at all!

Skip Hop Studio Bag: I love this bag b/c it looks more "me" then some of the other bags I've seen. I'm just worried about the straps and if they are long enough to fit around a stroller handle. It's very decently priced though!
Fluerville Mothership Bag: I love this pattern and I also love that price! That's the cheapest I've been able to find the Mothership bags and I've heard nothing but good things about them.
I think those are the 3 I like best, but I'm open to other suggestions!

Okay, the #1 thing we need is... a double stroller! I love strollers. I love looking at them. I love trying them out. I love stalking other mom's strollers. I just... love them. So stroller shopping has been very fun. I posted before about a double stroller that I found before I even became pregnant, but I'm still not 100% sure what to get! I want to take a trip to Buy Buy Baby because I've heard that they have more of a selection to try out in the store. Yay... strollers!

So, here are my favorites:

Baby Jogger City Micro Double:
I love this stroller and have heard nothing but excellent things about it. Reviews and friends have said that it moves very easily, it's easy to fold, fairly light {for a double stroller} and let's be honest, it looks pretty darn cool too ;) They have it in a lot of different colors: teal, black, lime, & slate... I think slate is my favorite, but I'm not sure! So hard. I do LOVE this stroller though and it even has an attachment for an infant carrier. Perfect.
Baby Jogger City Mini Double: This is a step above the Micro Double and has a lot more features. But it's also $100 more. Hmmmm. If I could choose and not worry about the price, this would definitely be it!
Kolcraft Contours Tandem II Double: This is the 2009-2010 version of the original Contours stroller that I blogged about in July. Although I do like the red better, this model comes with a lot more options. I have heard that this stroller is a beast to stroll around, but let's be honest... we're talking about double strollers. That's expected, I think! I also love LOVE that you can move the seats around to face each other, face you, or face forward. Additionally, it comes with an infant carrier attachment and the first seat is removable for this purpose. It seems like a great stroller!

Chicco is also coming out with a new tandem double stroller that looks really nice as well. It was slated to come out in the fall of 2009 and now got pushed back to the spring of 2010. Not sure if it will even be out before we have the baby. I also think I like it the least of the options I posted about.

So there you have it... my baby #2 list. I'm sure there are a few things that I'm forgetting! Second time {or more} mama's, please let me know if there is something obvious on this list that I've left out!

Also, I put a poll on the side about the stroller and diaper bag... so go vote =)


Anonymous said...

I voted for the last diaper bag just because I like the pattern. As far as practicality, I have no clue...ask me after I've toted a diaper bag around for a few weeks. :)

And I definitely prefer the tandem double stroller to the side by sides. I would just think it would be SO much easier to navigate through the store, the park, ballgames, etc.

jenni from the blog said...

Kristal- My sister has both a tandem and a side-by-side double and they're both kind of a pain, lol. We're going on Saturday to test out the two options and see which one feels right for us! I can't wait!

Hopefully you'll be off having your baby ;)

Sarah said...

Great list! It's really helpful for a second time mom and I'm comparing my list with yours right now. I also made a private wish list and think they're great!

What are you planning to do about a convertible car seat for Brynn?

Anonymous said...

A double stroller is one of the only things we have to buy this time around. I haven't done much research yet but was using my iphone and looking at Walmart mobile the other day and whatdayaknow? The Kolcraft Contours in red showed up under new products. I fell in love with it right off the bat!

We take a lot of walks with our dog and so we HAVE to have one. The side by side looks more difficult to me for some reason but I think you've got the right idea to go try them out. Let us know which one you choose.

I might make a wish list too! I don't think I knew that option existed!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Sarah- We're still deciding! Depending on when Brynn will need a convertible, we will either buy her a new one of her own or move her over to Carter's Britax Roundabout (which I LOVE) and then buy him a booster seat. It depends on the weight/age restrictions for booster seats.

I think we'll be buying a second Britax though!

@ Molly- I think most of my list is room stuff. If we weren't doing that, all we'd really need is some essentials, a diaper bag, and a double stroller.

I'll keep you posted about the stroller though! I hope Buy Buy Baby has both the Baby Jogger and the Kolcraft in the store so I can try them out together. BRU only had the Kolcraft yesterday.

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

Love your choices! But on the DB, I would have one made....REALLY! You know what you need and how big you want it to be. I broke down and had a special design on Etsy. I got to pick the fabric etc. Added elastic bottles in a few places, front pockets for Mama etc.

I love that thing! And it was all aobut me....I wanted to like the bag not match the baby. Good list! IDK even want to think of how I will manage. Cngrats again!

Toni said...

I'll be curious what you come up with because I obviously have no experience with 2 kids :) Buy Buy Baby is awesome for stroller shopping. We got our Bumbleride there (which we love). I know they make a double stroller, but I'm not sure if Buy Buy Baby carries it in store, or not. Their staff is very helpful!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Jennifer- do you remember where you ordered it from?? I heart Etsy.

@ Toni- If I had an extra $600-700 to spend on a stroller, I'd be getting the Bumbleride Double FOR SURE. I just can't see spending that kind of money for it. It is pretty great though =)

I seriously can NOT wait to go this weekend!!!

Olivia's Mommy said...

Not that I have a double stroller or need one at this moment....but just shopping and when I do my trail walks...the side by side double strollers take up a TON of room. I can hardly maneuver my single sometimes in Baby Gap...I couldn't imagine the side by side...

Unknown said...

Jenni - I just bought the Kolcraft double stroller. I love it.. It's huge and heavy but so far it's worked great. Double strollers are annoying no matter whether you get tandem or side by side. You have to rely on people helping you open doors and you will find the bathroom stahls in the mall that will fit the huge stroller!

But I love my stroller.... good luck. It's funny b/c I found the Kolcraft stroller b/c of your blog about it last year!! LOL!

joes_love said...

most skip hop bags have special stroller straps on the inside. I don't have the studio, but I adore my SkipHop bag. if your main fear is fitting it on a stroller, the stroller straps take care of that :-)

Sarah said...

hey jenni!

we are due right around the same time for our girls... :) i am over from the bump!

i will say that the kolcraft double is a PITA b/c you have to take one of the the seats off to fold it...who has time for that?

i voted skiphop b/c i have found those flaps hanging over (like fleurville) can be very annoying.

this is my 2nd baby, but i used to nanny for my son, an infant 4 months older, and a child 4 years older.


jenni from the blog said...

@ Kerri- Thanks hun! I think both strollers will really be a PITA in their own way :( The Kolcraft will definitely be easier to tuck off to the side while shopping, etc. I'm SO torn b/c I do LOVE the Baby Jogger City Mini. Sigh.

@ Erin- I think 99% of people that have the Kolcraft, love it. I hope both double strollers are at the store tomorrow so I can test them!!

@ Joes- Someone emailed me and said that! That's great news, b/c I've heard nothing but good things about Skip Hop bags.

@ Sarah- Congrats on your baby girl!!! =) Have you decided on a double stroller yet!?!?!

Sarah said...


thanks! :) i already have the baby trend side by side jogger from when i nannied. it has its perks, but i am thinking of going with the babytrend one that is a sit n stand OR a seat. there are TONS of options...baby in front of back, toddler sitting or belted in...the undercarriage stinks but i have the skiphop duo and it clips on the handles.

that all being said...i dont knwo how much i will use it with a 3 year old.....sigh. he is fiercly independent....

MrsKBJ said...

I only have 1 baby, but I was thinking ahead when I picked out my diaper bag. I have a hop skip dash in black that I love (I used this when we first had Madison, and I seem to take this when we fly), and I really like ju ju be bags. I have the be small for quick trips and a couple be mines. I thought I would never purchase anything but Ju Ju Be ever again. But, I wanted something that looked more like a purse and then I discovered Fleurville. It was a different style than you posted. But, I highly recommend going with them. I love my bag. My husband got it for me for Christmas. Little dudes and divas has codes on retailmenot and I think THANKYOU still might work (I think it was for 15% off) I love black and white too, and the bag is a good size in real life. I love it! I also love the fleurville you picked out too. I don't think you can go wrong with this brand. Here is mine.

MrsKBJ said...

Here are some better pictures... I took the messanger style strap off and use it like it is pictured. It also came with stroller attachments, but the strap is long enough to just slip on the stroller.

jenni from the blog said...

Damn you, KBJ! ;) That is beautiful! I love it! Crap, now it will be even harder to decide!!!!!

I like both the black and white one and the brown and blue one!!! Ahhhhhhh.

:::saves link to favorites:::

Tottums said...

Jenni - saw this the other day and thought of you!

It's pretty much PERFECT :)

Also - I am SO excited to find out about a Chicco tandem! Awesome news!!! :D

jenni from the blog said...

OMG, Totty, I love that rug! I'm saving the link now. It's gorgeous!

I was also excited about the Chicco Tandem, but I don't think it'll be out in time! We'll seeeeeee. I love Chicco though!

Cati said...

Have you looked at the Baby Jogger City Select? It has sooooo many different features but after you buy the attachements it's pretty steep priced. I was drooling over it eariler (we aren't having #2 yet but it can be a single or a double)

The Michalski Five said...

I vote for the skip hop :-D definitely you!
as for the stroller..I have a friend with twins a few months younger than our boys and she has a side by side double...the first one you listed. She said its super easy to use, lightweight BUT rarely does it ever fit through a single door like when she is out shopping, it is too wide and she has to open both doors (assuming they are double doors), just something to think about. She said it also challengin once in the store because it is so wide.
good luck!! you are so organized! I love the wish list option! i did that for gavin's birthday :-D

Nikki said...

I tried the Kolcraft in the store when I was pregnant with baby #2, and it didnt fold down as much as I would have liked. It had to be partially disassembled to fold all the way, and who can do that with 2 kids to get in the car too?! I ended up with a sit and stand stroller (kids are 2 yrs, 9 months apart) and it's worked out beautifully for us! My older child can get in/out on her own and can stand up if she needs to not be sitting still. Highly recommend it!

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