03 November 2009

10 Weeks

So I hit the 10 week mark on Saturday. Double digits. I have to say that I do think this pregnancy is going by rather fast. Much faster than with Carter. It must be because I actually have Carter now and he keeps me {very} busy. At this point, he has no idea what is going on, but I'm sure he will soon. Last night he was laying on my belly while watching the game {GO PHILLIES!!} and I just wished that the baby was big enough to kick him. Not in a mean way of course, but just in a way that would help him understand that there is something actually in there. His baby brother or sister, awwww. I think he's just too little right now considering that 5 minutes later he ran over and jumped on my belly.

I took a 10 week belly picture last night {I know, I know... I was technically 10w2d but it's hard to find time to do them!}
Clearly it's time for maternity clothes, which I switched into last week. Of course, I feel like I have nothing to wear to work. Not only that, but I have to present at a big work conference this weekend in Salt Lake City {more on this later} and I don't really have anything that is "stand in front of a lot of professional people and talk for an hour" worthy.

So, Kacy and I headed to the mall on Sunday. Luckily, the BabyGAP in our local mall has a small GAPMaternity section, so I planned to look there first, before trying to order something online and hope that it gets here in time. Boy did I make the right decision! They were having major sales {if you're currently PG or have ever been PG, you know just how much this stuff costs!} I was so excited!!

I must first say that I was on a tight budget. I had a $50 gift card to BabyGAP, which I was going to use for Carter's Christmas/family picture outfit {more on this later} but I found the perfect outfit for him at The Children's Place, so I decided to use it on maternity clothes for me {thanks Grammie!}

Here's what I came home with:
I got:
  • a black & white sweater with a ruffle v-neck top {$23 marked down from $44.50}
  • 2 striped {ruched, which is my favorite!} shirts {$19.50 each}
  • a turquoise short-sleeve v-neck ruched sweater {$8 marked down from $39}
  • a pair of secret panel 1969 jeans that actually were long enough for me {$10.20 marked down from $80!!!!}
  • TOTAL: $80.20 marked down from $202.50
  • TOTAL COST TO ME: $30.20 {after $50 gift card} =)

Pregnancy-wise, I'm still feeling really good. No morning sickness, just like with Carter. I'm lucky that way I guess. Then again, I haven't thrown up since I was 10, so I'm sure I just have a strong stomach.

I feel like I've gotten a little bit more energy back. I actually stayed up for the entire Phillies game last night... a feat in and of itself. I really don't have many other symptoms, other then constant hunger, and if I didn't have this belly, I think I would forget that I was pregnant altogether.

My next appointment is around 13 weeks and at that point I will schedule my big ultrasound {which my doc does at 18 weeks.} I actually hit 18 weeks the week of Christmas, so I plan to try to get in around December 23rd. We'll see how my plan works out. It would be nice to share the sex of the baby with everyone that we'll see on Christmas Eve/Day, but no big deal if we have to wait until the week between Christmas and New Year's. Just hoping for a healthy baby =)


Anonymous said...

You look so great, mama!! And you got some killer deals.

Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama said...

CUTE! I love stripes!

danielle said...

Hey Jenni,

Which mall have Gap maternity near us??/ Just wondering ;)

jenni from the blog said...

Ummmmm DANIELLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Christiana Mall ;) It's kinda far from you, but worth the trip. You may want to check Cherry Hill Mall, they may have one in there!

danielle said...

I think I need to proofread when I write... I meant HAS not HAVE! :)

PS! You found great deals... I feel like you always do though.

Larissa: said...

Cute! Can't wait to "hear" what you're having!! I too wish Brock knew what was going on in there! LOL! She's just now starting to kick a lot stronger, so hopefully I can get him to feel her... who knows if he'll get it, but it'll be cute!

D said...

I surfed in from the bump - you are too cute! H & H remainder of your pregnancy. :)

Mommy Moreno said...

Very CUTE tops! I love the stripes and your tummy!?! so cute!

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