04 November 2009

"More on this later..."

I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately, but there aren't enough hours in the day to get my work done, hang out with my family, and blog about everything I want to talk about. So, I'm going to give you guys the Cliff Notes {Jenn Notes?} and make one post about everything.

I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post.

First Ultrasound:
On Wednesday, October 14th we had our very first ultrasound for the little peanut. I was 7w4d.

Because my insurance is somewhat ridiculous when it comes to ultrasounds {they can't be preformed at my OB's office / I can only go thorough one ultrasound company / I need referrals from my PCP.... who has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PREGNANCY, grrrrr } I chose to go to a local place by my house that was actually covered. This place was ancient. They had a very old office {think wood paneling... everywhere} very old machines, and a very funny smell. What they did have was a very sweet ultrasound tech and she was very patient, showed us everything on the baby, and was just an all-around nice person.

Our little peanut had a very strong heartbeat of 155bpm that we got to see and hear. What a beautiful sound. I was so nervous before the u/s, but just hearing that sound made everything right in the world. She also took the time to take about 6 pictures of the baby before finishing up. She told us to meet her outside in the waiting room and she would bring the pictures out for us.

Want to know what she brought? This.
That's right folks... it's my baby on x-ray plastic that you have to hold up to the light to see. I told you the place was ancient. Not only that, but there wasn't a clear picture on there!

This is the best we could do:Oh well! The fact of the matter is, we have a healthy baby that was measuring right on track at 7w4d {at the time}. We have, however, decided to have our big ultrasound done at my OB's office and fork over any extra cash that insurance doesn't cover. To me, it's worth it. They have a brand new machine and we can see our baby in 4D. What's better than that?

Salt Lake City:
Not a bad view, right?

Over the summer, my boss and I submitted a proposal to present at this big conference in Salt Lake City. We were very excited to find out in early September that our proposal had been accepted. As you may or may not know, I have an MS degree in Education and work at a large university in Philly as an academic advisor {and adjunct professor 2 of 4 terms a year}. Our main goal as advisors in charge of freshmen and sophomore students, is outreach- especially for freshman students transitioning from high school to college life. A good outreach plan directly affects so many things, the most important of them being retention. I'll stop now, because I'm sure you've already fallen asleep...

Anyway, my boss and I are presenting in Salt Lake City this weekend and discussing our current outreach plan and all the things we did for our freshman students to help them transition to college life. This presentation, which I am in charge of, is draining the life out of me. I've been in PowerPoint hell for the better part of 4 hours a day. And that's after meeting with students and teaching the 2 classes I have this term. I'm tired! But still, I can't say that I'm not excited. It's an amazing opportunity and I look forward to attending other sessions while, of course, having a lot of people attend ours!

The only negative part of this trip is the fact that I will be away from Carter and Bob from Friday morning until midnight Sunday when my plane lands back in Philly. That means I won't see Carter man until Monday. This marks the longest amount of time I have been away from him :( I know I'm such a loser, but I am really going to miss him! And I know that being in a hotel room by myself for 2 nights will only make me that much more sad about it. I can't even drink my sorrows away {although I'm 99% sure that SLC is a dry city anyway, so I guess I won't be the only person not drinking.} I plan to take off on Monday and spend the entire day with my boys!

Wish me luck!!

Family Pictures:
I wrote "more on this later" a few posts back, but actually think this one deserves it's own post so... more on this later ;)


jenni from the blog said...

Liz- I accidentally deleted your comment, but I wanted to ask you if there was anything cool we should see while we're in Salt Lake City???

Thanks {and sorry, I was so mad I deleted it :(}

Liz said...

No worries . . . see in SLC?? Um . . . no. Maybe I just feel that way because I live here. If there was snow I would tell you to head up to one of the beautiful resorts. There are some great restaurants. I am all about the food! Yum! The Red Iguana - hole in the wall but fabulous if you like spicy Mexican. Rodizio Grill - pricy, Brazilian, totally worth it. Typhoon at The Gateway - Tai food. And of course dessert should always be from Rocky Mountain chocolate - there are a few throughout the valley. Not sure about your weather - but here is what our latest forecast has. Fri - 65/41, Sat - 60/40 and Sun 56/38 with a 30% chance of rain. Hope that helps. Send me an email if you want any more details or have any other questions! minster2005@hotmail.com -Liz

jenni from the blog said...

Yeah I might email you and see what's close to where we're staying. I'm allllll about the food!!

No worries about cost, since it's a work thing, we don't have to pay =)

staci said...

Have you ever gone to Booth Radiology for ultrasounds? That's the only place I go (they don't do them at my OB's but when I went to the high risk doc they did do them right in that office). I really like Booth and always got multiple great pictures. Sucks that insurance has to dictate stuff like that.

jenni from the blog said...

Booth is actually the place that's connected with my PCP, so I was planning to go there for the big u/s... but I think I will just stick with my OB's office for the 18w u/s and then go to Booth for the growth u/s in 3rd tri.

Thanks Stac!

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