02 November 2009

Halloween Pics

I wanted to share just a few more pics from Halloween! It was kind of a crappy day, weather-wise but we did get in 2 streets of trick-or-treating before it started pouring.

We don't usually dress up for Halloween {due to our hatred for the holiday} but this year my sister was having a party,so Bob and I decided to take part in the festivities. So what were we, you may ask?

Juno & Bleeker

Here we are with our little Tigger...{no, I couldn't talk Bob into wearing the short track shorts... I was lucky to get him to wear the track shirt and sweatbands!}
Kisses from Carter! He gives you open-mouthed slobbery kisses when you say "Gimme sugar!" =)
Here he is stealing candy from our treats for the kids!
Ben and Carter loved the Nerd boxes the best... they were the most fun to shake!
Here are the 3 kids {Gracie, Ben, & Carter} all dressed up at the party...
Cute pic of Ben and Carter...
My dad and I {he's an Amigo!}
Kacy and I {she went as a Hogwarts student, which, by the end of the night, turned into "Harriet Potter, Harry's long lost sister"}
And here's a group shot of some of us at the party...

Minus the Phillies loss, it was an all around good night!


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