08 May 2009


That's right folks... today is my first baby's THIRD birthday!!!! And, yes, that's Carter singing to him. Hehe.

I can't believe Kai is 3. He went from an adorable fluffalupagus {yes, it's a word.. we made it up} of a puppy to a huge adorable monster so fast! I got Kai as a birthday present from Bob, my sisters, and my parents in the summer of 2006. I was shocked and, of course, so unbelievably happy and excited!! This is Kai the first night they brought him home to me. He was 8 weeks old.

I could tell that night that he would be trouble. I don't know why I always have the crack babies.. but I love them to death! Here are a few other pics of my baby...

I think my heart melted a little with this one...
His ears are starting to stand!

Silly dog (and boy do I look young!)

So handsome.

Dad's home!

Now this picture was taken the day before our wedding. I was packing for our honeymoon while Kai helped. I left it on my digital camera so that Bob and I could look at it every time we missed him while we were away. We looked at it a lot. :)

Kai's first Christmas!

Kai with his cousin and BFF, Jake

Probably my favorite picture of our monster. He's so beautiful.

Kai thinks he owns the guest room and that the bed in there is, in fact, HIS.


kacy said...

awwww i love this post! happy happy birthday kai kai...i love my furry nephews!

Grasso10 said...

Happy Birthday Kai! He looks just like the dog from the movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven"...I bet he has just as much personality as well!

Anonymous said...

Awww, happy birthday Kai!!!

Kelli said...

Before our guest room became the baby's room, our dog Morgan thought the guest bed was hers. She still goes in there and lays where the bed used to be. Silly dog!

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