08 May 2009

Carter & Kai

These pictures were too funny and cute not to post. I took them last night and I can only imagine what they were thinking...

C: She has the camera out again, doesn't she?
K: Sigh

C: Don't even try to make us smile.
K: We won't do it.

C: ::: dirty look:::
K: If I do something cute, maybe she'll go away. Kiss kiss!

C: Noooooo!! Don't turn on me. Stay on my side!
K: Trust me, it works.

C: Great now I have a wet ear!
K: Gotcha!

C&K: If you ignore her, she'll go away.


kacy said...

they both should just move in with me. they like me better anyway :)

Larissa: said...

LOL. Those are funny captions :-)

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