21 April 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow, what a weekend. I had off both Friday and Monday and it still flew by. Let's see.... what did I do this weekend?

Thursday- work, then pedicures and packing.
Friday- went and saw Kristen and baby Dominic!! Then got manicures with the bride, finished packing, went to the rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner.
Saturday- why, the wedding of course :)
Sunday- wedding brunch at the hotel, shopping, then Kacy's birthday dinner at my parents.
Monday- Kacy's birthday... we took her to the movies and out to dinner.

If you don't know this about me by now, I like to make lists. It's much easier to read that way, don't you think?

Okay, now prepare yourselves for an obscene amount of pictures.

Like I said before, Friday night was the wedding rehearsal and dinner. They invited Carter to come along as well and he was so good! Oh, and my White HouseBlack Market dress was a hit! Here are some pictures....

The bride and groom
Her girls..My mom, sisters and I...Carter Man :)Bob, Carter and IChris, with the homemade wine!Sisters <3
My "must-take" pictures with both the bride...
...and the groom.
The girls...
Bob and I
Maureen and Kacy talking to Carter. Carter was devastated that his girlfriend was getting married {he loves Reenie!}
Hmmm...this is what happens when he hangs with Uncle Ryan.
...and down for the count!
We were up bright and early on Saturday for hair appointments. We then headed back to Maureen's parents house to get ready and take a few pictures.
Reenie getting into her beautiful dress. {While wedding dress shopping, Kacy and I referred to this dress as the "wow" dress... it's just stunning.}
A few shots that I took while the photographer's were getting solo pictures of Reen. I think they're so pretty!!!
This one is my favorite!!!
"Going to the chapel..."
The only shot we have from the actual wedding, lol. It's kinda difficult to carry a camera like mine down the ailse. Ry took this one...
Back in the limo on the way to Winterthur for pictures...
We actually ran out of beer in the limo and had to stop at a liquor store, lol. Here's Reenie, pole dancing in her wedding dress. Klassy :)
Kacy doing her MOH speech! It was soooooo good!
Ryan and I...
Ryan, Chris, Matt, Maureen, and Bob...
Reenie's bouquet with the table numbers I made :)
That cake was so pretty!
Pretty girl
Kacy and I being stupid. And we barely drank anything {we might have had 1 beer the entire reception!} This is how we normally act.
I know, I know... we're really cool. But we're not looking for any new friends at this time. ;)
Kacy, my dad, me, and Kristi
Next up... Timmy and Christina! They're getting married on May 16th... can't wait!
Kacy, Ryan, and our brother-in-law, Matt.
Brit Brit style.
The boys... Ryan, Chris, Bob, Timmy, and Matt.
My beautiful sisters...
Kung Fu Matt. I love this picture.I have about a million more pictures, but I didn't want to completely bore you. I can't wait to see the pro pictures and I'll be sure to post them once their up!!
Real quick though... and my FB friends already saw this, but... I had 20 people come up to me at the wedding, after the Matron of Honor speech, and tell me what a great job I did. Including my very own grandmother. The problem is.... I wasn't the Matron of Honor.... Kacy was. True story. {And yes, by the 3rd person I just started saying "thanks, wasn't I great?"}
Good times! :)


Larissa: said...

Wow! What a busy weekend :-) Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the wedding! The bride looked beautiful :-)Your dress was awesome!!

LKV said...

It is such a small world- i found your blog from the nest/bump (our boys were both born in July) & i know Chris from college! I was shocked to see someone i know in your (fantastic) pictures. Congrats to him!

P.S. you look so pretty in your blue dress!

kacy said...

we ARE really cool. these pictures prove it.

MrsKBJ said...

Hi! I ran across your blog on another blog I go to. I love it! I am a big LOST fan too- your recaps are great! :O)

I love your black and white dress you wore to the wedding. Where did you get it? I have a wedding to go to this summer and it is exactly what I am looking for.

I am looking forward to checking out your blog layout site!

My email is mrskbj@ gmail dot com

Thank you!

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks so much everyone!

LKV- that is so crazy!!! Chris is SUCH a wonderful guy... we just love him!

KBJ- Thank you! I got it from White House Black Market. I love it!!!

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