18 April 2009

9 Months!!!

I'm sneaking on here real quick before my hair appointment {for Chris and Reenie's wedding!!} to tell you that my sweet baby boy is 9 months old today. My gawd. Here's a quick picture from the wedding rehearsal last night. We brought him with us and he was such an angel. He laughed the entire time and was passed all around the room giving kisses and hugs to everyone.
Now, I know I'm bias, but honestly... how cute is he?!? ;)

Adorable, right?

Also, I'm having a mini anxiety attack right now because tonight is the first night that he is staying overnight with someone {my sister-in-law, Brianna!!} I'm not anxious that Brianna is watching him {she's amazing and Carter adores her} it's just because I'm going to miss him sooooooo much! Okay, okay... I'll get over it now...

Happy 9 Months Carter Man!


grammy said...

I so can understand! he'll be fine, between grammy,grandpop & Aunt Nanahnah (this is how carter says it). enjoy yourself today and the wedding.

Larissa: said...

So handsome! Happy 9 months Carter!!

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