23 April 2009

Skinny Minnie

Not me. Carter. But I'll get to that in a minute. :)

We had his 9 month appointment yesterday and he got one shot, and then had the standard well visit of weight, height, and head measurements, as well as an overall physical.

He has a cold {ugh... again!} but thankfully his ears and chest look/sound clear! His eyes are all gooey and swollen though, so we have to put eye gel in them 3 times a day. Fighting with a very strong 9 month old while trying to pry his eye open to insert gel is so much fun, let me tell you... {especially at 5:30am.} But it's the look of death that I get from him afterwords that's just the icing on the cake. Poor guy. I just want him to get better.

He was such a good boy in the office. See...
{can you see his right eye swollen? } :(

Here were his stats:
Head: 47 cm {100%}
Weight: 25 pounds {99%+}
Height: 29 inches {90%}

Yep... he has gone down in the charts! Well, he's actually on the charts now ;) He's always been very consistent with his measurements across the board, but everything use to be over 100%. So he's gown down. A little. I was teasing him and calling him skinny minnie b/c he's still at 25 pounds! He was at 25lbs about a month ago, but then got that yucky stomach bug and lost a whole pound. At least he gained it back, which is really good!

My gawd... I still can't believe he's 9 months old. As we were leaving the doctor said "see you at his 1 year visit." OMG. I remember taking him to that doctor when he was 3 days old. And the next time we go there, he will be a year old?? Again... OMG. Where has the time gone??


Toni said...

He is just too cute!! You're already making me scared of time flying by! No wonder everyone forgets how much pregnancy sucks and wants a 2nd baby so soon :)

Trinity said...

So cute! I can't believe they're going to be one soon...

Bridget said...

Yup! Oliver is about 2 weeks behind Carter and I can't believe it either. Time goes way too fast!!!

The Michalski Five said...

I can't believe it either!! time really does fly doesn't it?

skinny minnie, he he!! gavin's weight has been pretty consistent the past 2 months. Hasn't grown or gained as quickly as before...maybe this is a slow down period? lol hope so so I don't have to buy any more clothes for a bit!!!

hope carter is feeling better soon!!

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