19 March 2009

LOST Recap

I don't know about you, but I got the chills when the light went on and Christian Shepard's silhouette appeared in the doorway. :::shudders::: Let's get right to it, shall we...
  • "Namaste" is a greeting from the Indian culture.
  • The baby was Ethan! Another point for team Jenn! :)
  • There was a runway on the small island where the Ajira flight landed. There was talk of building a runway by the others when Sawyer and Kate were held hostage. It was Ben's idea to build it which leads us to believe that Ben knew that the Ajira plane would need it there in the future in order to land safely.
  • How did Sawyer have a big enough sweatshirt to fit Hurley? {lol at Sawyer calling him Kong} They did make a point of showing Sawyer asking Juliet where his over sized sweatshirt is, but for serious? Off topic, but still...
  • Why did Sun not transport back to 1977? I can understand why Frank, Locke, and Ben didn't go back... they weren't part of the Oceanic 6. But Sun is and she's the only one that didn't go back. Perhaps Sun is dead to the island? Had she stayed, she would have died because she was PG.
  • During "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" it shows Ben laying in what appears to be the Infirmary for the Ajira flight victims. We assumed the crash put him there... but I was happy to find out it was Sun's doing :)
  • Sun and Frank take the boat to the big island and see the dock a mess. The monster appears in the trees and Sun tells Frank it's an animal. When they get to the barracks, that too is a mess. Did the monster do it all? Time? What happened to the barracks in the 3 years since the Oceanic 6 left?
  • When are Sun, Frank, and the other Ajira people. They started in 2007 when they got on the plane {3 years from the time that they left the island... the pilot knew Hurley as one of the Oceanic 6} But with the flash before the crash, there was most definitely a time change for the Ajira peeps {it was night, then after the flash, it was daytime.} So my question is... WHEN are they? The scene after the crash said "Thirty Years Earlier" so I'm assuming that it's still 2007 and maybe they just flashed hours ahead.
  • Why is Christian staying at the Barracks and not at the cabin?
  • Why is Ethan's last name Rom and not Goodspeed like Horace? Is Amy's maiden name Rom, or is Horace not Ethan's dad?
  • Where is Daniel? Sawyer specifically said that Daniel was "gone" which doesn't necessarily mean that he's dead. He looked like he was going a bit crazy to me in the past few epi's. I think Sawyer was simply referencing his lack of being "all there." Very Sawyer-like.
  • We know that Daniel isn't dead because he helps build the Orchid Station. That station and the Swan are still in the designing phases, as Radzinsky referenced the model and blueprints for it last night when Sayid was locked in the room.
  • I laughed out loud when Radzinsky wanted to shoot Sayid and Sawyer called his "quick draw" Hehe.
  • I love Sawyer as the leader now. Jack clearly wants to take back this role, but Sawyer is holding strong and doing awesome. I love how Sawyer assigned Jack the janitor job "based on his aptitude tests" lol.
  • Jack looked confused at Juliet and Sawyer's living arrangements. Classic.
  • Who was behind Sun in the cabin when Christian tells her she has a "long journey ahead of her"? Was it the monster? Claire?
  • Speaking of "long journey"... how is Sun going to get back to 1977?
  • No shocker... Ben is the kid at the end. We knew Hoarce broght Ben and his dad in the 70's and that he was there as a kid and grew up on the island. I wonder how they will play it out. Will the Ben's meet? Does old Ben tell young Ben anything to help him in the future? Do any of the Losties share anything with young Ben that may alter things in the future? I know Faraday says there are rules, but you know what "they" say.... rules are made to be broken.

And I leave you with my favorite quote of the epi:

  • Frank-"I came here with a boat full of mercenaries to kill this guy."
  • Ben-"And how'd that work out for you?"


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